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Record Breaking 115 Million Americans Expected To Travel This Holiday Season

by Cathy Drummond

Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local / see

Here comes Santa Claus,

Here comes Santa Claus,

Right down Sana Claus lane (lyrics written by Oakley Halderman/Gene Autry)

Well, it certainly looks like more than Santa Claus will be out and about. It is being expected that more than 115 million Holiday Travelers will be out and about this Holiday Season. A new Holiday Traveler record. From the Airport, to the carport many will be on their merry way. Traveling to be with family and friends according to the AAA.  This is a trend expected throughout the Holiday Travel season, ending with New Year’s Day. The new record is expected to be more than four million over last year’s record.

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In 2018 the TSA predicted that season’s Christmas to be the busiest ever. Again, setting a record. And so as this season continues to ramp up. And vision of sugar plums, which might be dancing somewhere in someone heads. Let us not forget the reason for the season of Christmas. Presents! Turkey! Chicken McNuggets? Nah. The reason for the season can be expressed in numerous ways. Dollar Bills, y’all, come on! No, just kidding. The reason for this season is love, as always.

And as the expected record of more than 115 million Holiday most will be traveling on the highways according to the New York Post. Of the more than 115 Holiday Traveling approximately 104 of them will be highway bound. Did some say, “Beep, Beep.’ And in some places is (gridlock) is to be expected. The New Post writes that compared with low employment, and (improvements) in disposable income infusing people with more ‘Holiday Cheer,’ according to the (New York Post.) In addition, in the ‘friendly’ skies, according to Accuweather, December 22, December 23, and Wednesday, December 26, will be the busiest days in the skies.

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So, as this Holiday Season continues to evolve into more festival activities, remember. Be safe. The travels to Grandma’s house, Auntie E’s house, and the host of other friends and family, feeling the ‘burb.’ Being the suburbs, folks. And the inner cities, the small country towns, the mega cities, as well as retirement havens, let us again appreciate reason for the season. Peace!


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