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China gangs use swine flu as a weapon

By | Rachel Brooks

Contributor | Telegraph Local 

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Pictured above. This is the Shenbei New District Puhe town 3 – an abandoned pig-keeping building for the African swine outbreak in China.

China’s gang underbelly is using the African swine fever as a weapon of choice. Citing the South China Morning Post this week, the gangs use the swine fever to make a big profit on virus-free pigs. The post was reshared by Business Insider on December 16, 2019. 


China’s pig farmers report seeing drones dropping unknown packages into their piggery. The farmers later found the African swine flu virus was in those packages. 


The gangs will use the virus and infection bait-and-switch to prompt farmers to sell them non-viral pigs at an unethically low price. Then, they will illegally transport the good meat to another district where they will jack the price up to a ridiculous high. 


Sometimes the gangs are less ambitious. Instead of infecting the pigs outright, they merely spread rumors of the disease. They will slaughter two or three of the pigs and then leave them on the side of the highway. The farmers feel that they are losing out. They then part with the pigs at a low price to peck out some profit from what little remains of their healthy livestock. All along, the swindlers are taking all that they can get from someone else’s loss. 


South China Morning Post cites the swine flu has killed 40% of China’s pig herds. This is mostly due to mass culls that were meant to stop the disease from spreading further. 


 Citing the BBC, fear rises as the virus spreads to Indonesia within the past week. Indonesia stated that 30,000 pigs have died from the disease in North Sumatra alone. As the virus continues to spread, China expects that more than half of their pig herd will be wiped out this year. This mass die-off of the pig livestock will be a critical blow to China and South East Asia’s economy. 


According to the BBC’s map, the swine fever has hit Laos and Vietnam with the closest clusters. It has made its heaviest impact in China. It is a robust virus that will survive for a week without a host. It will live also for months in frozen pork products. Rabobank put the loss at 55%. Other national loss is expected at 21% for Vietnam, and 13% for the Philippines. These stats are quoted for 2020. 


The swine flu is medically labeled H1N1. It is called swine flu because it typically passes between pigs, and is rarer in people. Those who most commonly contract the virus from pigs are pig farmers and veterinarians. 


Citing Japan Times, a large pig farm unit of Beijing Dabeinong Technology Group Co. Ltd. is now blocking signals from the drones that are flying in to disrupt their livestock supply chains. The pig farming unit is in Heilongjiang Province. 


Cases are primarily controlled because H1N1 is commonly vaccinated for humans with the modern flu vaccine. Mayo Clinic states the symptoms of swine flu are similar to any other flu. It is no more dangerous to humans than any other strain of the flu. Any strain of the flu, however, can be severe or fatal if undiagnosed and untreated. Full documentation of the swine flu can be found via the CDC


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