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A surfer survived a shark attack off the California coast thanks to a quick-thinking friend

By | Rachel Brooks

Contributor | Telegraph Local 

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The film Soul Surfer brought shark attacks to the public attention with the story of Bethany Hamilton. They are uncommon, shark attacks. As far as the mass population is concerned, shark attacks are relatively rare. They do transpire and when they do a quick-thinking friend is who you’d want to witnesses it and take action. 


It happened off the coast of San Pedro. Young man, Christmas season, the sea at his disposal, what could go wrong? A shark’s jaws vice-clamped around the leg. 


The attack victim’s name has not been released. Citing Newsweek, the 37-year-old was attacked near Santa Rosa Island. It was approximately 3:15 pm this Saturday. 


A boat came by at a good clip but took notice of the man struggling in the water. Authorities were contacted. The US Coast Guard rolled out to deal with the situation. 


A tourniquet was placed on the man’s leg before the Coast guard helicopter arrived. The Coast Guard posted video footage to Twitter that shows the man being lifted into the MH-65 Dolphin Chopper. 


Also responding, Ventura Fire Department later Tweeted that the victim was life-flighted to Cottage Hospital. He was reported, “in stable condition.” 


Los Angeles Times puts the time of the rescue at roughly 3:30 pm PT.  The Coast Guard was made aware via a “Good Samaritan”, citing Coast Guard Petty Officer Mark Barney. 


The Good Samaritan reportedly applied the tourniquet to the man’s leg while the responder and the victim waited for the Coast Guard to arrive.


Petty Officer Barney states that the bite is not part of an expected trend. Shark bites are still relatively outside the norm. However, all surfers should always be cautious in waters where sharks have been spotted. 


The vicinity area where the man was surfing is part of the Channel Islands. The Channel Islands are home to many marine prey animals, such as sea lions. It’s probable that sharks frequent the area on the hunt for their food. 


Comparing statistics, in 2018, the entire global number of shark attacks was 66. That’s a tiny number when compared to the number of people that frequent the water. 


The majority of the attacks were in the US totaling 32. Only one of these incidents was fatal. This was a decline from the previous year. California only had one attack in this span. The majority of the unprovoked attacks have been in Florida for a number of years. 


The New York Post is the source stating that the man on a nearby boat was a friend of the victim. It isn’t entirely clear if they knew one another prior to the attack. 


The 37-year-old victim is incredibly fortunate to have been in the line of sight for his Good Samaritan. As Coast Guard Lt. Benjamin McIntyre-Globe stated, “This was the best possible outcome to a truly terrifying situation. We are all happy that he will be able to be with his family in time for the holidays.” 

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