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These Popular Celebrities Are in The Marijuana Business

The cannabis industry has been one of the most profitable markets since cannabis became legal. According to NBC News, the legal cannabis industry saw a huge profit increase in 2018 with at least $10 billion dollars worth of investments from companies. Market experts have since predicted the worth of the cannabis market may soon climb to more than 60 billion by the year 2025. Due to the popularity and marketing around the market, everyone has been trying to claim their piece of the pie. From sports athletes to celebrities and everything in between, cannabis is not just for stoners anymore.

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While many know her from The View and cult classic films, Whoopi Goldberg is one of the newest faces to the cannabis market. Whoopi Goldberg, along with medical cannabis expert Maya Elisabeth, launched a medical cannabis line aimed at helping women relieve menstrual problems. Although the Whoopi & Maya collection is only available in California and Colorado, their business is currently looking to expand to other states.

Snoop Dogg, one of the most famous endorsers of cannabis, has a line of cannabis products called Leafs by Snoop. As one of the main supporters of cannabis, Snoop Dogg has various investments in the market aside from his own line of products.

Another famous face of the cannabis market is actor Seth Rogen. Seth Rogen has recently launched a line of cannabis products, Houseplants, in Vancouver. The company is always ahead of the curve, bring cannabis and style to their brand. Houseplant recently released music to accompany each of their products. While only available in Canada, Seth Rogen hopes to expand further in North America.

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Pop culture celebrities are not the only ones joining in the green race, plenty of former athletes making a name for themselves too in the billion-dollar market. Hall of Famer 49ers Quarterback Joe Montana has invested in a California based cannabis company back in 2017. Ricky Williams, a former NFL player, founded Real Wellness after his NFL career.


This decade has changed the way society views and approach cannabis. More than 50% of the United States has legalized in some way or another. Although cannabis has seen positive progress in recent years, many are still wary of the drug. Cannabis is still considered a drug by the FDA. Judging from recent trends, the cannabis market is continuing its rapid climb to the top. The Green Rush is just heating up.



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