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Russia vows retaliation over US sanctions on pipeline

By | Rachel Brooks

Contributor | Telegraph Local 

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Trump has signed many sanctions in his presidency including this one against Iran.

Russia vows to retaliate against Trump’s sanctions. Citing NBC News, Russia intends to go full-throttle forward with its European natural gas pipeline plan, despite the Trump sanction. 

The US has long opposed the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. The US argues that this pipeline will give Europe too much dependence on Russia. 



“Russia has implemented and will continue to implement its economic projects regardless of anyone’s sanctions,” the country’s foreign minister publicly stated. 


President Trump passed legislation Friday that will enact sanctions on key companies. These are the companies specifically involved in laying the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. The pipeline will go through the Baltic Sea and onward to Germany. 


Also citing NBC, Trump stated last year that “Germany is a captive of Russia.” 


ABC News reported that the work on the Nord Stream 2 was suspended on Saturday. The Russian government has vowed to retaliate. They reported also that the sanctions will go against the vessels specifically involved in the undersea pipe laying in the Baltic Sea. This move prompted a Swiss company that operates the section-laying ships to suspend the work. 




Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said Monday that Moscow will take measures of “reciprocity” on the sanctions_which Russia deems are unacceptable. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov backed up his statement by saying, “these absolutely unacceptable, blunt actions that violate all norms of international law and diplomatic and human decency.” Russia states that they have had some time to make a “cool-headed analysis” of the situation. 


The country’s prime minister, Dmitry Medvedev, has tasked his cabinet with looking for possible restrictions against the US sanction. 


The German government also responded with some negative criticism of the US. They stated that they regret the enactment of the US legislation and considers the actions an “interference in the country’s domestic affairs.” Germany will not act with retaliation. Chancellor Merkel stated that there is “no alternative to conducting talks” with the US citing ABC News. 


The US has been busily imposing sanctions on other pipelines. Citing RT, Turkey also vows to retaliate against the US sanctions imposed on the pipeline. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vows to hit back the US threat to impose sanctions on the Turk Stream pipeline. This pipeline would _in like fashion to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline_deliver gas from Russia straight to Turkey and southeastern Europe. 


Erdogan said to reporters in Malaysia, “This is a complete violation of our rights.” 

TurkStream was created as an alternative project to the South Stream pipeline project. 


The Nordstream 2 project is owned by Russia’s Gazprom. It has investment from several European companies. 


Citing the Hill, the US argues that Nord Stream 2 will only increase Europe’s dependence on Russia at a time when Russia’s military forces are “actively involved in supporting militant groups in eastern Ukraine.” 


The sanction action almost comes as bizarre. What facts does the US have that the pipeline will strengthen European


dependence on Russia or empower militant involvement in Ukraine?


It remains a bit unclear. The US continues to reel from the Trump impeachment proceedings which were initiated over his alleged collusion with Russia and electoral process tampering. With all corresponding issues weighed together, the US position on this pipeline project continues to feel bizarre at the least. 

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