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Notre Dame Cathedral To Miss First Christmas Mass In Two Centuries

by Cathy Drummond

Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local /see

The Notre Dame Cathedral to miss first Christmas Day Mass in two centuries. The historical place of worship for the first time in recorded history will not be ringing its bells on Christmas Day. The storied place of so many centuries of pomp and circumstances will be silent.

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According to CNN the historic Notre Dame Cathedral was badly damaged by the Spring 2019 fire.  And it is still under repair. The fire devastated the hearts of many of the local Parisians. The impact of the Cathedral fire can be felt worldwide as well. The worshipers of the Catholic faith in the city of Paris and the world must find another home to worship on Christmas Day.

The fire occurred on April 15, 2019 is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The building received extensive damage and is still under repair. Because of this, officials for the site have declared no Sunday Service for the first time in over two hundred years. The present day damage to the Cathedral seems disheartening. But this grand building has suffered extensive in the past.  And somehow has managed to rise again. Epic Pew records in an historical piece where the building has been damaged by man, weather, or just a need to reconfirm the powers that have been.

The Cathedral itself was constructed on a site previously occupied by the Basilica of Saint Enteinne. Which was itself was constructed on another historical site – the Temple dedicated to the Roman God Jupiter. In 1863 Pope Alexander laid the cornerstone for the Cathedral. In the 18th century a wind damaged spire was removed. During the French Revolution, Napoleon Bonaparte and his cohorts did their fair share of plundering and pillaging in regard to Notre Dame’s Cathedral. But Napoleon would eventually do the right thing in 1801 and return the building back to the Catholic church.

Also, according to the Epic Pew, the cathedral was the site of pomp and circumstance seen historically. A few of note: Napoleon was crowned himself Emperor there on December 2, 1804. King Louis XVIII goes there in May of 1814 to hear a little something something from Lesueur. ‘Te Deum,’ which is a Christian Hymn.  And who can forget that memorable writing piece and film based on it. The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

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No organs will be heard on this particular Christmas, December 25, 2019. However, I am sure the Notre Dame Cathedral will once again rise from this particular twist of fate. And being seen historically as only a slight delay in the Cathedral storied history of faith. And let us not forget the pomp and the circumstances. Merry Christmas!

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