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North Korea threatens to launch “Christmas gift” to the U.S.

By | Rachel Brooks

Contributor | Telegraph Local

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North Korea has threatened an unpleasant Christmas gift for the United States. Citing Fox News, the US is now on high alert as Korea threatens US Christmas security. North Korea threatens a missile. Likely, the purpose is to cause panic within the United States. The country is in a most vulnerable position this Christmas as the Congress moves to impeach President Trump. This is the third President of the US’ entire history to be impeached, and it is on the grounds of electoral fraud, which opens the country up to even further internal scrutiny.


The US will keep a watchful eye on the horizon in the direction of North Korea. US military personnel perform surveillance on US airspace for potential foreign objects and missiles. 


Benny Avni writing for  New York Post Opinion posed some questions for how Trump can avert Kim Jong-un’s threat. One of the highlights of the Trump era’s controversial presidency was, after all, the albeit unpopular stress relief between the US and N. Korea.  Trump’s policies have, citing CBS News (video below) been unifying political points between the US political parties. Both sides agree that Trump’s policies up until now simply haven’t worked. 


Kim Jong-un declared via his recent annual Christmas speech that he would act against the US if sanctions are not removed by Christmas.  So, Trump’s little stall of North Korean wrath has plunged back into the press wars. Trump again calls Jong-un “Rocket Man” and North Korea’s state press again calls the failing US president “dotard”. 


Avni’s proposed solution is simple. Make Jong-un doubt his hold on power. Avni’s post cites the isolate, god-like status of North Korea’s supreme leader. So, as smugglers and strong-signal South Korean radio towers manage to transfer information into the country, Avni wonders if the people will start to speak for their freedom. It would be radical at best. While a plausible theory in most conditions, N. Korea may either be to traumatized by the brutal regime or too frightened to act on it. What then is the solution? Is there one? 


The New York Times reports that the US now braces for impact. Perhaps there isn’t a solution. Diplomacy has failed. President Trump’s every highlight has now been seriously undermined by his impeachment. The New York Times calls this an “intercontinental ballistic missile” threat. Analysts tracking the missiles potential threat are resigned to the fact that Trump has no good options to stop it. Still, American denialism attempts to downplay what Trump called “fire and fury” and the possibility for an escalating_even militarized_conflict with the Asian nation. 


Also citing the New York Times, it appears that North Korea earned President Trump’s favor long enough to stockpile a massive arsenal. Feigning friendship, the North continued to build in the dark, all under the US confidence that “there is no longer a nuclear threat in North Korea.” 


It is unclear if the US Cyber Defense unit will continue to employ remote-sabotage tactics that were employed during the Obama era. 


The BBC reports that Yeonpyeong, South Korea watches the skies with growing trepidation. Yeonpyeong is a small island off the direct coast of Incheon, South Korea, a two-and-a-half-hour ferry trip’s distance away. This island is a typical South Korean island save only for the heavy military presence. The island is only 25 miles from Haeju, North Korea. It makes it a strategic point to monitor the status of North Korea’s military operations. It is not yet reported what correspondence and collaboration_if any_ the US military will have with South Korea or the island of Yeonpyeong regarding the North’s Christmas threat. 

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