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Kevin Love Awestruck by Ja Morant’s Dunk attempt

By Adonis Richards Contributing Writer |

Kevin Love was awestruck by Ja Morant’s dunk attempt over him Friday night. The 12-year vet described the rookie’s actions as an attempt to end his career after Ja soared over the Cav’s big man. Lucky for love, Ja Morant missed the awe-inspiring dunk attempt. Morant appeared to extend too far as he rose for the attempt. Many nights go forgotten in this league due to the over-saturation of NBA games in one season. However, it’s moments like these that we wake up to see on an NBA night.

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Wake up is what viewers did. The Memphis rookie is known to be a high riser. This dunk attempt wasn’t surprising. This is especially because Ja Morant has been attempting to dunk on what seems to be everyone this season. His dunk attempts feel like their going to ” suck the gravity out of the building”- Kevin Harland. This dunk attempt, even though missed, was prepared to do so.

according to USAToday, Morant grabbed a loose ball during the first quarter of the Friday night game. From there history was almost made. Kevin went to take a charge outside of the restricted area and Morant decided to clear the 6 foot 10 center/ forward. Ja Morant nearly jumped over Kevin Love, just clipping his leg on his head in an almost marvelous dunk attempt.

Love believed his playing career was going to end after that play.

“I went down to their bench and I said ‘he legit jumped over me.’ It was just at the very end he clipped me with his leg, but I was so glad he missed that dunk. I look back, I helped him up and just kind of… that was like my tip of the hat to him. The kid is really, really special and you’ve got to give credit where credit is due.”

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Twitter went wild comparing Morant’s dunk attempt to Vince Carter in the 2000 Olympics. In that game, Carter cleared a 7 footer in a dunk that sent shockwaves throughout the basketball world. Morant has dunked on someone this season, with a spectacular slam over Phoenix Suns’ Center Aaron Baynes. With Morant’s superhuman athleticism and unrelenting desire to fly, we can expect a plethora of more dunk attempts like this throughout the long NBA season.

“I was so glad he missed that dunk,” Love said. “I look back, I helped him up—that was my tip of the hat to him. The kid is really special and you gotta give credit where credit is due.”– Kevin Love, Complex

Love gave Morant credit, citing him as ” special”. This is an amazing compliment coming from an NBA champion center. The Cavaliers can say the bright spot about that night was their 114-107 victory over the Grizzlies. However, If Morant finished that play, this would have been the headline for months to come.

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