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Who Won Season 39 of Survivor?

By | Rachel Brooks

Contributor | Telegraph Local 

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Screencapture of Survivor on CBS winner reveal

Tommy Sheehan won season 39 of Survivor. Sheehan won the season called Island of Idols. Citing the New York Times, this season of Survivor sort of limped to its close after a difficult season. Some commentators, such as Gold Derby, questioned if this was the worst season of Survivor that there has been. Gold Derby stated that this season “hit a new low” for the show that has been on air since 2000. It wasn’t so much in the ratings. The show is still in the top 10 most-watched series, ranking in at No. 7. 

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Was it really that bad though? What did the fans have to say? 

Well, citing Gold Derby, this season poorly handled the #MeToo generation’s sensitivity to inappropriate touching from a male contestant. Two female players discussed how the contestant Dan Spilo was too touchy-feely with them. 

Since then, Dan Spilo has issued an apology for his behavior on the show. Citing People, Spilo was removed from the program after day 36. It was after he inappropriately touched a female producer’s thigh. The alleged incident happened off-camera. Spilo is a 48-year-old Hollywood agent. The incident that happened with the producer allegedly happened when he was climbing into a transport boat. This was a couple of weeks after the alleged incident where he inappropriately touched contestant, Kellee Kim. 

Survivor: Island of the Idols on CBS retrieved from CBS

“I am deeply sorry for how my actions affected Kellee during the taping of this season of Survivor,” Dan Spilo wrote in an official statement to People. 

Did these allegations overwhelm Tommy Sheehan’s win? Not so much. Tommy Sheehan won the day because of his great social game, citing Entertainment Weekly. Tommy maybe lacked in the big game showmanship that some of the former champions of this show had. Still, he was able to forge personal connections with the jury while also being “in a power position to help control the majority of the votes.” 

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Entertainment Weekly credited “leadership and affability” as the thing that spearheaded Tommy Sheehan to the $1Million dollar prize. Tommy Sheehan won above two other contestants, Dean and Noura. 

Entertainment Weekly spoke in an exclusive interview with Tommy Sheehan. They quoted him as saying,

“It can’t get better than this. I lived out my dream, I came out on top, and I walked away with some amazing family and friends, so it’s unbelievable_”

Sheehan was also asked about the incident with Ms. Kim. As he tells is,

“I’m friends with everybody. I’ve talked to Kellee at length. I’ve talked to everybody at length. But like Jeff, we turned it into a positive and I was able to have these deep conversations with my students, and it was great for me as a teacher to have these teaching moments and what I could have done better or what people could have done better, or where our world is shifting. It was a great teaching moment for our students, so I look at the positive in everything. So it could be a dark cloud, but I think we have to look at it as a learning moment and Teaching Time with Tommy.” 

It is that winning, positive mindset that put Sheehan at the top. Game well played. 

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