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Steph Curry Isn’t Pictured in Alleged Leaked Pictures

by Cathy Drummond

Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local

According to Fox Business, Steph Curry’s Agent declares that Steph Curry isn’t pictured in alleged leaked pictures. The photos first appeared on Friday morning on Twitter. Was soon deleted and the story would not die. And so the saga of the Golden State Warriors continues. This time with the saga not being Basketball court related. But being seen in the buff related. Steph Curry the dynamic point guard for Golden State may have been literally caught in an alleged (compromising) position. But him and his wife Ayesha Curry continue to deny it, somewhat?

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It seems Steph Curry was seen in a series of nude photos. The alleged Steph Curry impersonator was sporting a pair of Washington Redskins boxer shorts. Go figure. Really alleged Steph Curry impersonator person. Washington Redskins. Although it is well known that Steph Curry is adamant Carolina Panther fan. Go Panthers!

Another source, Page Six has been reporting that the Curry’s have made light of the matter. With ‘eggplant’ jokes and inuendoes, the Curry’s seemed to be weathering the storm of the alleged nude photos. And being expressed in Steph Curry’s wife Ayesha references in a live Instagram presentation to such things. However, the remarks were considered sarcastic but somewhat ‘risqué.’  

Steph is not the first celebrity athlete involved in such an alleged shenanigan. And most definitely won’t be the last to be involved in such (alleged) occurrences. Throughout time being a celebrity opens one up to exposure, no pun intended, of the wrong kind. And with the dizzying array of social media platforms, it would be hard not to post something alleged. However, the word alleged covers so much perceived blame. And just (maybe) when a perceived spur of the moment receives its own stamp in time, so to speak. Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter.  You name it. Maybe an undesired in appropriate email even. And the alleged may somehow become the huh, maybe. Go figure.

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Other well known alleged celebrity missteps will continue to occur. For example, according one source. Like the Hollywood Gossip online magazine, which is currently reporting that Kim Kardashian is being (accused) of (Black Face,) it just seem to be a part of the celebrity lifestyles. And many websites, webpages, various specialty media outlets entities like TMZ, which were created in part to spill the beans on celebrities. But in the case of the alleged leaked nude photos of Steph Curry, who did the leaking? But it now seems the leaked has been plugged.

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