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Mark Meadows Not Seeking Reelection

by Cathy Drummond

Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local / see

According to one source, Washington Post, Mark Meadows is not seeking reelection. Seen as one of President Trump’s longtime ally and longtime supporters, will not seek an additional term. The GOP Representative Mark Meadows from the state of North Carolina has served in the Republican Congress from 2013 till now.  The four time GOP House of Representative Politician, some say, is ‘ambitious.’ To say the least, Rep. Meadows has been known to aspire to higher political aspirations within the state of North Carolina. However, it would seem a job with the President of the United States would be more advantageous. And so it would also seem GOP Representative Mark Meadows eagle has landed.

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According to the New York Post, it is being rumored that the soon to be retired GOP Representative is next in line to become the next White House chief of Staff. Possibly relieving present embattled White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney. Who himself has, I am sure, has become just as polarizing as President Trump? It is being reported that Mick Mulvaney will leave the White House once the Impeachment procedures are ‘wrapped up.’ GOP Representative Mark Meadows is being counted on; it would seem. A person who quite possibly proven some semblance of respectability. And maybe some credibility once the dust has cleared.

Republican Representative Matthews, a long time ally of President Donald Trump and one of his staunchest supporters will end it. He has seemingly succumbed to the glare of being identified with a polarizing figure like President Donald Trump. And it would seem being a friend to President Donald Trump has probably put undue weight and unforeseen costs on several being politically based career choices.

The politically narrative of many of these Republican Lawmakers have been somewhat tarnished. And so subsequently many of these same Republican Lawmakers have become polarizing as well.  And if nothing else, many feel it is time to go.

And, according to the Atlantic some of the retiring GOP Senators and Representatives:

Senate: Lamar Alexander – Tennessee, Pat Roberts – Kansas, Johnny Isakson – Georgia, and Mike Enzi – Wyoming.

House of Representative: Will Hurd – Texas, Susan Brooks – Indiana, and Martha Ruby – Alabama.

A total of 24 GOP House of Representatives and four GOP Senators are set to exit Congress in 2020.

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The seemingly ominous outlook for the Republican base has been spurn in part by the rhetoric of the base’s highest leader. President Donald Trump. And with the glare and also shadow of the impeachment process hanging over the GOP, it would seem many of the GOP staunchest supporters may not be as staunch as needed. And so as the Republican Representative from Western North Carolina, Mark Meadows, rides into the sunset, Happy Trails!

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