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‘Has anyone considered that?’ Neil deGrasse Tyson exposes Apollo 11 flaw

There hasn’t been a day where speculation about the Apollo 11’s legitimacy is questioned. Neil Degrass Tyson exposed an Apollo 11 flaw yesterday. ” has anyone considered that?”. In a recent video, The famous scientist exposed the facts surrounding the 1969 Apollo 11 landing.

“Has anyone considered what it takes to fake a moon landing?” Degrasse Tyson said in the video. The argument made by the scientist is that if people were to think of the moon landing as fake, consider the facts. according to express.co.uk, Degrasse Tyson explains that documentation would have to be faked in order for the moon landing to occur.

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There were a plethora of documents recorded in the creation of the Apollo 11. Schemes designed to send it into the sky as well. On top of that, the firing of the Apollo 11 was also filmed in 1969.

“just go to the moon”- Degrasse Tyson

With all the speculation coinciding with Neil Armstrong’s silence after the moon landing according to express.co.uk, theories of a fake moon landing are plausible. However, Degrass Tyson does illuminate a good point. If there was a fake moon landing, it would take a lot more work than just going to the moon. at the end of the video, he does claim that we went to the moon.

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All the speculation is to be determined by the viewer to decide the facts, However, Degrasse Tyson believes we went to the moon, and he backs it up with this interesting theory.

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