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Report: Over 267 million Facebook Users Have Personal Data and Profiles Exposed

by Cathy Drummond

Contributing writer for Telegraph Local / see justsaying.live

The Social Media Giant Facebbok has made a big boo boo. Guess what it is. A major data breach has occurred, yet again. Millions of Facebook User data information has been exposed, for all the world to see, it would seem. And for most of us Facebook Users, we just don’t know. But I am pretty much assured some of us, being the most will soon see the fallout. A major security breach such as this is unfathomable. Especially considering the scope and reach of this vehicle for (liking), Facebook should exercise more than the usual amount of cyber security. If for no other reason than being the faith people have put in counting on Facebook for Facebook’s own due diligence. 

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According to a report in engadget, more than 267 million Users of Facebook have had their personal data exposed, and in all places, online. These personal data breaches Facebook Users’ phone numbers, their User ID’s, and in some cases their names. This major Facebook Data breach comes to light based on a report from comparitech. The report states that millions, approximately 267 million or more Facebook Users’ data was left all out there for anyone to see, without needing any type of authentication technique like a password. 

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The report goes to on state that this may have been an online attempt of cyber-related criminal activity, such as phishing. And that this major Facebook Data Breach was an (on purpose) attempt to commit Cyber crime through the use of ‘large-scale phishing’ operation on the part of a Vietnam criminal element. According to the Oxford Online dictionary, Phishing is the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers.

The FTC has published various helpful data on the practice of Phishing However, this particular report on the recent Facebook data breach goes on to stress that there are indeed other forms of cyber-related crime and phishing is only one of them. 

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It would seem Facebook Users that Facebook has done an about face. The leader in online exposure has been accused of the doing the exposing. Go figure. Facebook has many positive benefits. But as being dedicated Facebook Users, visitors, online purveyors of data usage. Be the informed, not being the one being informed on.

Facebook has in the past demonstrated a tendency to be as careful as Facebook should be with its Users data.  Back in September of this year there was a data breach of more than 419 million user records according to engadget. All that can now be said is, ‘Hey Facebook, get it together.’ 

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