Missing Texas Mom Found Dead in Houston, Baby Found Alive screen capture
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Missing Texas Mom Found Dead in Houston, Baby Found Alive

By | Rachel Brooks

Contributor | Telegraph Local

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Above, KHOU11 breaks the tragic story and details of the suspect’s arrest

The search for missing Texas mom Heidi Broussard ends in tears, but the baby has come out of it alive. 

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ABC News reports a possible break in the case. Police have surrounded a home in Houston. A body that is believed to be that of Heidi Broussard was pulled from a vehicle at the home, citing Statesman. The one-month-old baby was also found in the house_alive and unharmed. 

ABC News, retrieved from YouTube, details the last several hours of case developments

Heidi Broussard was also the 33-year-old mother of a six-year-old son. The last recorded picture of her shows her dropping the boy off at school. She never returned to pick him up. 

Broussard’s fiance, Shane Kerry, who has been pleading for her safe return, spoke with ABC News. He states that Broussard’s wallet and purse were found within her unlocked car. Her baby’s diaper bag was inside her apartment. Yet, her keys and cell phone were gone. 

Broussard’s parents were also vigilantly praying and hoping for her safe return. They stated that they did not believe Ms. Broussard left of her own free will. 

KVUE recently streamed the case live. The case has unfolded over the past six days. December 12, 2019, was the day that Broussard was found missing. The fiance returned home to discover that Broussard and baby were not at home. He was contacted by the other child’s caregivers to come and retrieve him. 

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Teams of investigators have searched for Broussard. Cell phone records were checked by forensic investigators. Hours and hours of video footage were also sifted through. The investigators have placed a likely vehicle in the area nearest the time when Broussard and baby vanished. 

Likewise, behavioral profile investigators were commissioned from the FBI. They were enlisted to build a profile and determine who may have taken Broussard and baby. Detectives were able to determine that the kidnapper was likely known to Broussard. The investigators used the massive information gathered from social media and the other forensic data to build the profile. 

KVUE will be back on a live stream at 5-6 pm (6-7 pm ET) to follow up on this case. 

KHOU 11 has also requested that the public please not speculate on the case too much. Austin Police are not yet ready to discuss a motive. However, a woman is in custody. The woman is being interviewed so that Austin Police can understand this woman’s side of the story. They are also working to confirm if the body extracted from the premises, found in the trunk of a silver car on the property, is that of Heidi Broussard. They are also working to do DNA testing to confirm for an absolute fact that the baby recovered from the premises is Margot. The grandmother of Margot Broussard has verbally confirmed the baby is Margot Broussard and that the body is Heidi Broussard. 

A woman has been arrested and booked. She has been charged with two counts of kidnapping and tampering with a body. She has appeared in probable cause court recently. She was also brought before the magistrate’s court over unpaid traffic citations_six total. She was let off with time served for the tickets. Law enforcement may be more lenient regarding the citations because they are eager to extradite the female suspect back to Travis County, Texas. The case took place out of Austin, TX. The female suspect was arrested out of Harris County.  

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