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High blood pressure linked to 40-hour workweek

By Adonis Richards Contributing Writer |

High blood pressure is stated to have a link to those that work 40 hours or more a week. The correlation was discovered in Hypertension, an American Heart Association journal. In White-collared jobs, people who work more than 40 hours are more likely susceptible to high blood pressure risks than those with 40 hours or less according to the study.

The study was conducted with 3500 Canadian industry workers. in the study, their clinic blood pressure (CBP) and ambulatory blood pressure (ABP) were checked at three-time points over a 5 year period. The study also included their work hours, 21 to 34; 35 to 40; 41 to 48; or 49 or more.

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According to the study, those who worked more than 49 hours had a 66% higher chance of obtaining hypertension cbsnews reports. Researchers also found that the risk of masked hypertension is possible at greater lengths. This condition is said to go undetected at times.

The hypertension report extends to citing that those working 41-48 hour work weeks, or 49 plus work weeks had a higher prevalence of masked hypertension. This is at (CBP <140/90 mmHg and ABP ≥135/85 mmHg). the study also claims that this is possible with sustained hypertension (CBP ≥ 140/90 mmHg and ABP ≥135/85 mmHg). This is all in comparison to those who worked 40 hours or less a health metrics article reports.

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The study controlled for sex, age, body mass, education occupation amongst other variables in this study. Xavier Trudel, The leading author of the study claimed that both hypertension and masked hypertension are linked to cardiovascular disease. The risks are higher amongst those with this hypertension.

His recommendation is to wear a monitor to detect one’s blood pressure for those that work long hours.

“People should be aware that long work hours might affect their heart health, and if they’re working long hours they should ask their doctors about checking their blood pressure over time with a wearable monitor,”

Nearly 82,000 deaths a year are linked to high blood pressure.

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