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Baby Dinosaurs Found in Australia

By Rachel Brooks

Contributor | Telegraph Local 

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Baby dinosaurs have been found in Australia, citing  Rather, their bones have been found. Researchers in Australia have uncovered the first bones of baby dinosaurs on the south coast of Victoria. They were uncovered near the outback town of Lightning Ridge in New South Wales. 

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Some of the bones that were uncovered were so tiny, the researchers believed the animals were still in the embryo stage. Which means they died inside of the egg. Slightly larger bones were found, believed to have been of animals that were hatched but nest bound. 

Palaeoscience Research Centre of New England and the Australian Opal Centre in Lightning Ridge. 

The bones came from small-bodied ornithopod dinosaurs. These would have been two-legged herbivores that weighed roughly 20kg when full-grown. They were similar as well to the recently unearthed Weewarrasaurus pobeni. 

Citing UNE, Weewarrasaura pobeni is a newly classified species of dinosaur that was discovered in the Wee Warra opal field. It was a kelpie-sized animal believed to be reptiles. The discovery honors Mike Proben, an Adelaide-based opal buyer. He donated the specimen. 

UNE describes Lightning Ridge as the only part of the world where fossils regularly turn to opal. 

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How do the researchers know that the dinosaurs they’ve discovered were reptiles? The BBC released a story in 2015 that shows dinosaurs may have been more bird-like across some genus. The truth is, dinosaurs, including the Weewarrasaura pobeni are typically guessed to be reptilian because of the similarities their skeletons have to live reptiles. This distinction was first made by Richard Owen in 1842 who discovered dinosaur bones and made this comparison. 

As dinosaur bones were strung together, it was discovered that they were covered in feather-like material that made them more similar to birds or bats even. So, it is safe to assume that what we call “reptiles” were themselves another class of animal entirely, perhaps similar to both reptiles and birds. Some research, citing, also suggests that while some of the animals were fundamentally more like reptiles with their scales, they would have been warm-blooded.

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For example, more research cited by BBC Radio 4 states that the young Tyrannosaurus rex would have been covered with fluffy feathers or something more like hair. Yet, because the T-rex was so giant, one is not certain that bird-like is a great description. 

Likewise citing BBC Radio 4, the Pterosaurs_ the flying dinos_were once believed to be dinosaurs. They technically were not reptiles, but an ancient species unique to themselves. 

Again citing, the researchers were able to estimate the baby dinosaurs ages by comparing the growth rings on the jaw bone they found to Victorian dinosaur specimens. 

The Daily Mail UK states that the “diminutive size of the bones makes it difficult to know what species they belong to”. The femur bone of some of the local Victoria-area dino bones was comparative to the size of the Australian 1 Dollar coin. It weighed only as much as a cup of water. 

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