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What Is On The Queen’s Christmas Brunch Menu?

By Brittney Curtis

Contributing writer for Telegraph Local

As Christmas approaches the Royals gather, as they usually do for the holidays. They spend the days enjoying each other’s company. As well as a few meals and tea.  The Queen and her family are like a typical family when it comes to the holidays, other than being the Royal family. They typically spend their Christmas in a castle, where they have a full staff to take care of all their needs. Including their meals.

According to refinery29, the former chef for the Royal family says the holidays are boring when it comes to Christmas festivities. There is no Christmas ham, gingerbread houses, or cookies for Santa. But they do require at least three turkeys. They have one for the Queen’s family in their dining room, another for the children’s nursery and one for the staff of over 100 people.

They also have a few other dishes. The Queen enjoys the traditional sides such as stuffing, Brussel sprouts, roasted potatoes, and mashed potatoes. By the looks of their menu, it seems like a usual dinner with family. Minus two of the three turkeys. They have their traditional dessert, pudding that is doused in Brandy, set aflame and brought to the dining table.

Along with their Christmas meals. They also indulge in gift exchanges. They aren’t the usual gifts that are given. The Royal family enjoys giving humorous gifts. Because what do you give someone who has everything? In the past gifts such as shower caps that reads “Life’s a B***h” that was given to the Queen by Prince Harry. The Royals are just a typical family celebrating the holidays.

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