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Trump Impeachment updates and insights

By | Rachel Brooks

Contributor  | Telegraph Local 

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Pictured above, Senate floor in 2008. Impeachment will move to the Senate next before being official.

Donald J. Trump is the third seated US President to be impeached in US history. His official removal from office will not happen until after the Senate votes. If Trump is found “not guilty” via a below two/thirds vote in the Senate, then he will remain in office. Yet, if over 67% of the Senate votes to convict, he will be dismissed from office. After this time, Vice President Mike Pence will act as sitting President until the election determines an official President-elect next year. 

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Citing Reuters, quoting Adam Schiff, the question is now “whether Senator McConnell will allow a fair trial in the Senate.” 

Pelosi and McConnell are going up against each other regarding the Senate trial, citing the Guardian. This debate went live at 9:30 ET. Mr. McConnell addressed the House saying quote: 

“House Democrats may be too afraid to even transmit their shoddy work product to the Senate.” He also said, “Looks like prosecutors are getting cold feet in front of the entire country, and second-guessing, whether they want to do a trial.” Mr. Connell was quoted by Lauren Gambino senior reporter at the Guardian. You can see more at her Twitter feed. 

As of the past hour, the Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has responded to McConnel’s speech. He is quoted as saying, 

“If the House case is so weak, why is Leader McConnell so afraid of witnesses and documents?”

The Senate trial schedule is to be determined, and it may not happen all that soon. Citing Politico, Pelosi has threatened to delay the trial.  She has done so through refusing to commit to the transmission of Impeachment articles to the Senate as of December 18, 2019. She has cited “concerns of an unfair trial” for removing Trump from office. House Democrats are “very unlikely” to send the needed materials until early January. That is a delay of two weeks or longer. This has interjected a sense of uncertainty. The Articles of Impeachment were in earnest, the trial is reluctant? Why? Are there finishing touches to be made to the articles of Impeachment to guarantee a contrived outcome? 

Mitch McConnell on Fox, retrieved from YouTube

NBC News has broadcast the reaction lawmakers had to the Trump impeachment process. You can also find a lawmaker reaction recap via WTOP.

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Reactions came from Virginia rep Jennifer Wexton, a Democrat of Virginia’s 10th District. She is cited saying that Trump’s impeachment was not “an easy decision”. Wexton also stated that Trump leveraged the highest office in the land for personal and political gain. By doing so, Wexton believed that he jeopardized national security, undermined electoral integrity, and damaged the people’s trust. 

WTOP stated that because the articles of impeachment are the equivalent of an indictment, President Trump will forever bear the mark of impeachment. If he is acquitted by the Republican-leaning Senate, then he will be up to run in the 2020 election. His acquittal is expected. Yet, the belief is that his reputation will be damaged greatly by this process, which will lower his chances of reelection significantly.

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