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The Mandalorian Episode 7 Review – The Reckoning

By O.T. Martin
Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local | See My Social Media

“It’s a trap!” To the average Star Wars fan, those words ring in their head as they picture how Admiral Ackbar so famously exclaimed them in Episode VI in the original story line. Yet, in episode 7 of The Mandalorian, it was Cara Dune’s turn to shout the infamous words. In this jam packed penultimate episode, we saw many things unfold. The revival of IG-11, the tear jerking death of Kuill, and the horrifying capture of baby Yoda by the hands of the First Order. Not to mention, the Mandalorian is being held down in a bunker by enemy troops. So, let’s unpack some of this material. For reference, a list of important characters.

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However, first I would look at Baby Yoda’s use of force choke on Cara Dune. This seems like a direct emulation of Game of Thrones, in that every young character in a television or movie program must have a deeper layer of uncertainty, and an almost necessity to be psychoanalyzed but the greater public. We know that Baby Yoda would not have actually killed Cara Dune, and the shot was aimed to show the true power of Baby Yoda, yet there are forces at play to try to create a different side to a character that may not need it. Reply in the comments if you think I am reaching too far with this one.

Good ole’ IG-11 is back from the dead episode 7 as well. What’s a Star Wars program without a good droid anyways? However, this droid has slightly more mal-intended aspirations from our friends C3PO, R2D2, and BB8. I can only wonder about what his next rampage will look like, whether for good or evil. Also, Kuill the Ugnaught was lost in this episode. The list of allies along for the ride with the mandalorian was slim going into this episode, and now it grows thinner. With Kuill gone, hopefully we can still get our fill of the bluurgs in the coming season.

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The Mandalorian seemingly takes another page out of the Game of Thrones playbook, as it fades out of view in the final scene of the penultimate episode as you are left on the edge of our seat. Game of Thrones fans remember The Red Wedding, Battle of Blackwater Bay, and many other episode 9/10’s. The Mandalorian’s second to last episode, “The Reckoning,” belongs in the same breath as these other episodes in its beautiful discourse. The episode was extremely well crafted, and capitalized on the time spent in side quests in past installments.

The ultimate question we must all ask ourselves getting ready for the season finale is: will Baby Yoda be saved?? It may be too cruel to make us wait 11 months to find out what comes of his fate, but no promises are made in George Lucas’ universe. If you wish to nerd out more, here is a great episode length review of the episode:

The final episode of the program will air on December 27th, but Star Wars diehards will get another gift this week. Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker comes out on December 20th. The 42 year life span of this saga will be coming to a close, and I for one hope that the Finn-ale is A-Rey-Zing.

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