Mike Pence says "The best is yet to come for American workers
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Mike Pence: “The best is yet to come for American Workers”

Mike Pence says that the ‘best is yet to come for American workers’ while speaking at a ‘Workers for Trump’ rally in the Saginaw Township in Michigan. Michigan, who voted predominantly for Trump in 2016, arrived decked out in ‘Make America Great Again’ attire.

Despite the ongoing impeachment trails in Washington D.C., crowds gathered to hear Pence boast about President Trump’s achievements in the last three years.

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“It’s been three years of action. It’s been three years of results,” Pence said. “It’s been three years of promises made and promises kept and we’re just getting started Michigan.”

Pence added that poor trade deals cause unchecked outsourcing and have ‘shuttered’ manufacturing communities in the Midwestern cities.

These comments followed a compromise that was reached in the U.S-Mexico-Canda Agreement. Michigan residents were pleased to have President Trump and Vice President Pence visit to discuss the jobs their policies have brought to their state.

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Pence concluded the rally by reminding the crowd that the Democrats trying to push impeachment think they know what’s best for the working class. He added, “Just remember Michigan, the choice is yours, not theirs.”

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