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Company Develops Uncomfortable Toilet to Decrease Smart Phone Usage

by Cathy Drummond

Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local / see justsaying.live

Where there is a demand, some will attempt to supply. So was the case with the development of human ingenuity intended to make (going), to put it delicately, easier. It now seems some want the (going) to become much harder, definitely no pun intended here. And this rather well-intention desire to make the (going) easier, so to speak, has received the scorn of Corporate America with this current develop. The need to design uncomfortable toilets in order to decrease cell phone usage. That gosh darn cell phone contraption again, oh no.

There was a line in the movie ‘Field of Dreams,’ which said, “Build it and they will come.” However, that was an empty field at the time. It would seem that this field of ‘uncomfortable toilets’ endeavor is loaded with competitors. And I am very confident that many will not be willing to come, in order to (go) to an uncomfortable toilet.  Not building not a better mousetrap (tongue in cheek) but a worse one. All because of the cell phone. For the most part, the cell phone has had outstanding benefits. Did someone say, ‘Standing.’ And its impact can be felt in many ways, huh? The least attractive of which is seen in the time some employees spend in the bathroom. According to some sources, some employees are just slackers.

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And so now innovation must again appear. Raising its head. In order to fight the dreaded prolonged employee bathroom break. So, thus innovation thinking based on the emergence of comfortable toilet and cell phone proximity must be combatted. At least according to Corporate America where a company has actually designed a more uncomfortable toilet. Heavens to Betsy. However, it would seem this brand of innovation has taken mankind a bit back into time, it would seem. Did someone say, ‘Troglodyte?’ But I have definitely digressed, am I the only one? And in my very humbled opinion, prehistoric would some how apply here.

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What has come of us when the sacred domain of the potty break has been invaded by the ‘Man.’ Albeit the man who writes and signs the employee check. Nevertheless, I am somewhat saddened that it must come down to this, a sloping toilet, again, no pun intended. Being seen as a way to fight high crime and treason in the bathroom, on the employees break, because just may some have taken advantage. Cell phones be damned! Nah, just kidding.

Sources have pointed to those who have emerged with the needed (potty) innovation.

And so as Corporate America pretends to fight off greed, the toilet has become front and centered, no, now sloped.

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