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Study Finds Teen Vaping Marijuana on the Rise

By Adonis Richards Contributing Writer |

CNBC reports that more teens are vaping with marijuana than anything else. Even with lung illness at critical mass, teen vaping with marijuana is on the rise at this moment. This is an interesting find which was discovered by a National Institutes of Health.

According to the report, The National Institutes of Health revealed a survey that fourteen percent of high school seniors say they vaped marijuana in the previous month. This is revealed to be double from the previous year. also, This is higher than in 2017, in which the rate was 4.0%.

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The intrigue of this survey is the discovery of how the children are using marijuana. The survey also discovered that 22 percent of high school seniors use marijuana in general. However, how they used it has changed. Studies are revealing the popularity of vaping over the last few years. This is also in correlation to young people and its popularity. The recent discoveries have had lawmakers struggling to find solutions according to the CNBC report.

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Apparently President Trump and the U.S.’ top health officials are debating whether to ban e-cigarettes to make the craze less popular. Solutions to this increasing potential health risk have been in more of an effort to make vaping less appealing to youth apparently.

The youth appears to find vaping more appealing due to a few reasons. The appeal comes from the cool-looking device a vape machine comes in. Also, the lack of smell from the THC than smoking marijuana from other methods.

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These methods, unfortunately, come with serious risks, These THCs that don’t smell are sometimes unregulated. The outbreak of deadly lung disease has claimed 2409 victims. 52 of them dead. Of that, there are reported 152 different forms of THC reported. Because of this, students may be deterred from vaping altogether.

Alongside the THC fear, there is another ingredient involved in the outbreak. A vitamin titled vitamin E acetate has been linked to assisting in the lung disease outbreak amongst those that vape according to

This new-found trend for marijuana vaping seems to come from the informal conception that marijuana is not harmful. This is usually delivered to youth through friends and family. Though studies reveal that marijuana doesn’t have harmful effects, the use of the unknown THC variants can bode to be harmful, which is an increasing problem amongst teens and vaping.

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