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Best personal injury lawyers in the US

By Rachel Brooks

Contributor | Telegraph Local 

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Pictured above. OSHA renewal in 2012.

Any person who has ever been faced with a worker’s comp case of significance knows the value of a personal injury lawyer. Such abuses of worker’s comp and personal injury resolution run rampant in the US. In this case, you need an advocate. Ironically, the word for lawyer in French is avocat. So, if you cannot find an advocate to be in your corner, a lawyer will do in a pinch. That said, not just any lawyer. You need the best personal injury lawyer. Who would that be? 

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Narrowing down the list of best personal injuries in the US,  here are five exemplary names. These names are compared against thousands of names on the same rankings list. They were selected based on their order of appearance at the top of their rankings list, which was listed in alphabetical order.

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Why are these names on this list? Above the hundreds and hundreds of lawyers in the United States_why these people? These people have exemplary records based on conducted research by US News. You can also check them out against the bar records. These are available online via Lawyer Legion’s director of disciplinary agencies, courts, and so on. 

US News ran a directory list of best personal injury lawyers that was last updated December 12, 2019. Because the voted best personal injury lawyers on this list are in alphabetical order, they don’t necessarily appear in the order of the highest rated among their group. From this list, one should compare the names to the ratings that clients left. 

Beginning to narrow from the list, which contains 2,326 names, these are those at the top of each list from A-E. That gives us 5 to compare. 

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  • Abel Law Firm_Personal Injury, Oklahoma City. 

Ranked Tier 1 by US News for Personal Injury. It has 3 practice areas. Its listed headquarter firm operates in Oklahoma City.

  • Babbitt & Johnson P.A. __Tier 1 in personal injury, 

This firm is led by Joseph R. Johnson and Theodore Babbitt. It was voted a winner in 2016’s “Best Law Firms”. Babbitt & Johnson operates out of West Palm Beach, Florida. 

  • Cadeaux, Tagileri & Notarius 

This firm was rated Tier 1 by the US News Best Law Firms Ranking. It operates out of Washington, D.C. 

  • Dalton & Associates, P.A. 

D&A has 4 practice areas. It is in Tier 1 for Personal Injury Litigation. D&A has been in practice since 1987. Bartholomew J. Dalton is the personal injury lawyer at this practice. He has been recognized since 1993. 

Dalton has been recognized as “Lawyer of the Year” in Wilmington, DE for 2009, 2012, 2014, and 2015 in the personal injury lawyer category, citing Best Lawyers.com. 

  • E. Stewart Jones Hacker Murphy LLP

Possibly the oldest law firm on this list.  E. Stewart Jones Hacker Murphy LLP was founded in 1898. It has 8 practices and is quote, “one of the most experienced and trusted Personal Injury and Criminal Defense firms in New York State. 

Personal injury lawyers for this practice include_are you ready for this?_ Michael W. Kessler, Meghan R. Keenholts, James E. Hacker, John F. Harwick, and E Stewart Jones, Jr._the 3rd generation attorney to lead said highly acclaimed law firm named for his family. 

Take your pick of any name on the above lists. You’re sure to come away with someone from your state who meets the top requirements. Bottom line_you need to form rapport and relationship with a good lawyer for a personal injury case. This directory gives you the building blocks to make the connections_but ultimately the best lawyer will be the one you form the best client relationship with.

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