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North Korean Missile Test Raises Pressure, Concern for U.S Diplomacy

By Ruben Colffer

Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local

The pressure on President Donald Trump increases as North Korea carries out their missile tests, a top U.S military official in Asia said.

North Korea threatens to resume calling Trump ‘dotard’

The tension between the two nations keeps rising as President Trump approaches an election year in which these issues could have consequences.

In the past months they have been creating conflict; President Trump referred to North Korea’s leader as “Rocket Man,” a nickname that dates back to 2017.  On the other hand Kim Jong Un kept on calling him a “dotard.”

Apparently the relationship with Kim Jong Un is coming to an end as the agreements between the two leaders are fading away.

“It’s also possible North Korea could announce that its self-imposed moratorium on long-range testing was over without actually launching anything,” said General Charles Q. Brown, the commander of Pacific Air Forces.

Brown also believes that this is just a potential possibility because the U.S is still focused on diplomacy and that North Korea may hold back its missile tests.

However Kim mentioned that the U.S. will receive a “Christmas Gift” and its value will depend on Trump’s behavior.  Kim’s final goal is to have Trump end the hostile policies against North Korea.

Officials at the White House expressed disquietude that the time span of peace is most likely over because during the month of December North Korea managed to conduct two missile tests, emphasizing that it was an important part of their nuclear program.  Throughout the year they have tested a total 13 short-range missiles.

This changes a lot of things for President Trump.  The much talked about “close friendship” between the two chiefs vanishes after the exchange of harsh words they had for the past few months and the avoidance of North Korea to settle down with diplomatic term.

“I’d be surprised if North Korea acted hostilely,” said President Trump.  “Kim knows I have an election coming up. I don’t think he wants to interfere with that, I think he’d like to see something happened.”

Apparently “something” meant that they could work out these issues, however it seems that Kim thinks this is the perfect time to do so, during Trump’s campaign.

North Korea will continue conducting missile tests if U.S negotiators keep on lacking flexibility on agreements.  This keeps frustrating Kim.

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“If Kim was only given rope internally until the end of the year to see if this dalliance with Trump yielded results. Time may have run out for him and we may indeed get New Year’s fireworks,” said Vipin Narang, an associate professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  “And then instead of ‘denuclearization’ talks we may see what ‘renuclearization’ looks like.”

As tension rises President Trump keeps an eye on North Korea:

“We are watching it very closely,” he said.

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