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Frank Reich: ‘Jacoby Is Our Quarterback’ to Wrap Up 2019 Season

by Cathy Drummond

Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local / see

Frank Reich, the coach of the Indianapolis Colts has made it plain.  Jacoby Brissett, barring any further injuries, will be the team’s s starting Quarterback for the remainder of the season. According to sources, Coach Frank Reich supports for his Quarterback is ‘unwavering.’

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Coach Reich goes on to say that there are no plans to switch to ‘some younger Quarterback, or Chad Kelly.’ And he is fully committed to achieving success with Jacoby Brissett as the Colts Quarterback as the season plays out. He vehemently believe that Jacoby gives the team the best chance to get ‘better’ during these last two games of the season. Coach Reich goes on to make the point that the MCL injury Jacoby suffered during the November 3rd games against the Pittsburgh Steelers was one of the major turning point for his Quarterback during the teams’ current skid.

Prior to the MCL tear, Jacoby Brissett had a completion percentage of almost 65 percent. It is now currently 58.5 percent. His passer completion rating prior to the injury on November 3rd was 99.7. Now, after the MCL injury, Jacoby’s completion rating has fallen to a rate of 77.9.

Post Andrew Luck

Ever since Andrew Luck injury plagued career for the last several seasons, Jacoby Brissett has proven himself throughout this somewhat tenuous ordeal involving Luck and Luck’s inconsistency in regards to being the Indianapolis Colts starting Quarterback. And subsequently, after the sudden retirement of Andrew Luck, Jacoby Brissett has continued to demonstrate that he indeed is the most obvious choice, barring any further injuries on his behalf.

Jacoby Brissett is indeed the front runner and has proven over time that he is more than capable of leading a professional football team in the NFL. And even at a time when Andrew Luck’s status was still up in the air, Jacoby has conducted himself admirably, consistently remaining focused on the task at hand of leading the Indianapolis Colts to respectability. Jacoby’s overall attitude, it seems, has had an additional benefit. It has offered the Indianapolis Colts some stability, helping the team to turn down the volume of both the noise outside as well as inside the organization. Being done during a time of significant upheaval of a team, being thrown into chaos with the subsequent and foreboding retirement of Andrew Luck.

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And, according to other sources, Coach Frank Reich puts the full blame of the current woes of the Indianapolis squarely on his own shoulders. Frank Reich goes on to say this loss was on him. An optimist by nature, he felt the humiliation in Monday’s night loss to the New Orleans Saints. The team was compared to a high school football team by the New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees.

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