FBI investigating disappearance of mother and newborn baby in Texas
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FBI investigating disappearance of mother and newborn baby in Texas

by Katrina Hapner, contributing writer for Telegraph Local

Heidi Broussard, age 33, and her 3-week-old baby daughter Margot Carey have been missing since the morning of December 12, 2019.  The FBI are now investigating the disappearance of the mother and child who were reported missing the Thursday night of their disappearance by Shane Carey, the child’s father and Heidi’s fiancé. From the beginning Police have shared little detail about the investigation, but did say that they had no suspects in the disappearances or even a person of interest. 

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One of the detectives on the case stated they are assuming that the pair have not been harmed and are still alive.  He stated that ‘It´s possible that Heidi and Margot have left on their own accord.  However, Broussard’s parents stated there is no way their daughter would have left on her own, stating she would never leave her son Silas.  The parents made a tearful please asking that anyone who might have them to please let them go. 

It may seem to some that Shane Carey, the finance, would be a prime person of interest, as the spouse of a victim is usually the number one suspect.  However, the Police refuse to confirm Carey as a suspect.  Over the weekend, Carey himself gave interviews saying that he also did not think Broussard would have left by herself and he also specifically denied any involvement in their disappearance.  The FBI, along with the Texas Rangers have also taken up the search for the mother and daughter.  The FBI has sent out its Child Abduction Rapid Deployment team to assist local Police

Authorities do believe that Broussard returned to her apartment after dropping off her son Silas, but then vanished.  Friends and family have been interviewed for any leads and police are going over video surveillance footage from Broussard’s apartment complex. Shane Carey has stated he himself last saw his fiancé when he left for work at 6:40 a.m. on December 12th.   Surveillance video shows Broussard arriving at her son’s elementary school at 7:30 a.m. and she was wearing a purple shirt. 

Carey stated that Broussard called him around 8 a.m. to let him know she bought books at the school’s book fair.  He then tried calling her again that afternoon, but her phone was off.  When he arrived home at 2 p.m. the mother and child were nowhere to be found.  He told Police that her car was unlocked with her purse and wallet intact, but cell phone and keys missing.  He became even more alarmed when the school called to say their son had not been picked up.  After he retrieved the boy and returned home, there was still no sign of Broussard and their daughter.

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Broussard’s parents have since traveled from their home in Louisiana to Austin.  They are not giving up hope.  Broussard’s father, David has been helping to scour the area for his daughter.  Police have issued a description of Broussard as being 5 feet 5 inches tall and about 150 pounds with long dark hair, and baby Margot as a newborn weighing about 7 pounds and 22 inches long.  A hotline has been established by Austin Police at (512) 974-5017.

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