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Best conference call companies in the US

By Rachel Brooks

Contributor | Telegraph Local 

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Conference calling has extreme prevalence now more than any time in US history_as all business models move to the digital space. Yet, the modem by which conference calling is done can vary. No two conference call companies are alike. If we were to exclude call apps and focus only on conference call telecom services, be they VOIP, PBX, or something else, what would we learn? What would be the best conference call companies in the US to emerge from that research criteria? 

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Comparing statistics by US smartphone usage, we can infer that the leading conference call options must have a mobile app to be viable. Using Statista we can see that the number of smartphone users in the US is expected to go from the current 265.9 M to 285.3 M. That’s an increase by some 19.4 M users. 

Businesses that use smart phone tools are increasing, as old outdated telecom systems are rapidly replaced by VOIP, PBX, and other encrypted digital communications. These systems are saving consumers money. Mostly because, the smartphone apps are free or subscription based, for a low monthly premium. The app service host is responsible for technical maintenance. There is no hardware to repair. 

Based on popular opinions and statistics here are five of the leading conference call options. 

  • Whatsapp

Whatsapp leads the back in its category of smartphone-friendly conference call apps. It’s in the Global top 30 for its category, citing Similar Web ranking. 

Whatsapp has made its name as a global chief communication and conference-call leader as well as a private communication app. Yet, it is also quite popular in the United States for those who will conduct conference calls via mobile phone. Whatsapp ranks 3rd in its category for US audiences. 

Facebook Messenger is the leading name in communication apps. However, because of the prevalent use of Whatsapp around the Globe, even countries where the parent company Facebook is less popular, it may be the better option for ambitious conferencing.

Citing Statista, the number of Whatsapp users in the United States is estimated at 68.1 million and is expected to scale to 85.8 million by 2023. 

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Compare those numbers to the overall smartphone users in the United States. You will see that Whatsapp users currently overlap in a number that is roughly a third of all smartphone users in the United States. If you compare the expected growth track of smartphone users to Whatsapp users then Whatsapp will make up a steady third of all US smartphone users by 2023. Businesses that use Whatsapp for conference calling then will be offering their employees, customers, and contractors a steady convenience service. 

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These statistics were derived from Statista. 

  • Zoom

Zoom takes the #26 rank  in its category. This app leads among office teams because of the convenient screen share features it possesses. Likewise, Zoom can be easily dialed in on via a regular phone number. So if the device malfunctions, or the corresponding office is still wired to a dinosaur system, it will not matter. 

  • Skype Business

Skype ranks directly below Zoom in its category, at the #27 rank, if one is to cite Similar Web app ranking. 

  • Line for Business

There is an emerging strength to the Line for business app. It ranks at the US #40 rank citing Similar Web. Line has a strong app presence for an alternative to the major names on this list. Line is owned by NHN. It was founded in 2000 as Hangame Japan, which was a Japanese subsidiary of a South Korean video game company at that time, citing Forbes in 2013. 

With these statistical insights, companies seeking to diversify their conference call options will be better equipped. Desktop services exist as well. We have included smartphone services because of the logical spread of smart phone interest and mobile-managed business.

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