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Will HBO Produce Watchmen Season 2?

By Rachel Brooks

Contributor | Telegraph Local 

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Will HBO produce Watchmen Season 2? Whether you loved or hated the series season, the fan’s opinions may not be enough to save it from cancellation. It will depend on whether or not the first season made HBO money. A look at the stats: 

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Watchmen is sailing ahead of the other series HBO currently has on the list. The series finale brought together a whopping 1.6 million viewers. Not too bad for a brand new show, right? 

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At this point, the ratings are so good it would almost be too good to pass up a second season. If fans are open to it, and it seems that way, then it looks as if the series renewal will happen. 

The fan opinion may not want a renewal even if the numbers were good. Citing, TVLine, TV commentators of late don’t think the series should be renewed. TV Line stated today that the network has yet to renew a second season still. The DC Comics-based serious has received a massive fan buzz and so that comes as a bit of a surprise. Yet, there are those who believe the intricately woven story should end with this series_ a one and done sort of deal. 

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The reason for this is the show’s creator_Damon Lindelof. His take on Watchmen was meant to be a self-contained tribute sort of story from the beginning. Limited to nine feature-length installments. So, in the opinion of TV Line at least, continuing the series now may be a departure from the show’s creative arc.

What has Lindelof said about a renewal? Is he down? 

It might not be a black and white answer. Citing, he wants the first season to be its own self-contained story to honor the legacy of the comics’ creators. He told Paste Magazine that he wanted the season to tell a story that had closed ends_meaning no wild cliffhangers. 

Citing the Entertainment Weekly, Lindelof appears to be sticking to his guns on this one. Lindelof has been consistent in his appeal to fans to expect his Watchmen to be an open-and-shut interpretation. He didn’t wish for it to go the way of Lost or other serial dramas where it just blows up into something it was never intended to be. 

Lindelof went on to compare the story to True Detective or Fargo. He believes that the Watchmen story is so big in its own right that it doesn’t need his spin on it to continue to build and grow. It is a major world universe. 

So, while we’re still uncertain of exactly how this will go, the fans are hyped up about Watchmen as a subculture. We may not see Lindelof’s Watchmen, but fret not. We’re likely to see the Watchmen again. In another time or place. With different characters and actors and all. 

That, or perhaps Lindelof will hand the keys over to another aspiring show leader and let him see what he can do with.

Either way, keep checking back. Telegraph Local will update you on the verdict. 

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