SpaceX Launch Successful Despite Losing a Nose Cone

By Daniel Lehewych

Contributer| Telegraph Local

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Elon Musk’s company SpaceX is well known for its ambitious projects. Recently, one of those projects turned out to be a success.

SpaceX on Monday launched its Falcon 9 rocket with great success minus one aspect of it. That is, the Falcon 9 rocket lost its nose cone upon launch.

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Interestingly enough, SpaceX in response to this launched two drone ships to attempt to catch the falling nose cone in the Atlantic.

“[If] you had $6 million in cash on a palette flying through the air,” he reportedly said, “and it’s going to smash into the ocean, would you try to recover it? Yes. Yes, you would,” said Musk.

These drone ships –named Ms. Tree and Ms. Chief– however, failed in their attempts to catch the nose cone.

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The loss of nose cones, it must be noted, is not necessarily an abnormal occurrence with rocket launches –hence, SpaceX’s readiness with regard to catching it.

The Falcon 9’s success is another one in the books for SpaceX, in its ultimate goal of creating reusable rockets.

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