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Jason Derulo’s Package Airbrushed out of Cats

By Adonis Richards Contributing Writer |adonisinquiry.com

Jason Derulo’s package was airbrushed out of Cats recently, and the popstar had something to say about it. This is an interesting conversation that can either up the anti or cause the box office numbers to drop. The Cats star recently has spoken out about the recent airbrushing change that he noticed in the trailer. Will this impact the Cats box office? In which way, positively or negatively?

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They say all press is good press. Jason’s pitch for promoting Cats seems to go seamlessly with his conversation about his genitalia being airbrushed out of the movie. Derulo claimed to have noticed his package CGI’s out when watching the trailer for CATs. In an interview with Sirius XM Radio’s Any Cohen, Jason explains his feelings that the production team of Cats airbrushed his package.

“They did CGI. I noticed that,” he tells Cohen. “You think they airbrushed your penis out of Cats?” Cohen asks. 

“One-hundred and twenty-five percent,” Derulo insists. “I could see it in the trailer.”ETonline

How will this advertisement affect The box office for the movie? We, unfortunately, we won’t know until this Friday when the movie releases. Derulo is certainly creating a buzz with his package as he recently protested Instagram after they took down a picture of him in his underwear. The Popstar responded with #bringbackanaconda, which could be another ply for advertising for the movie.

Cats movie via Youtube.

in defense of Derulo was one of his co-stars Rebel Wilson stated that for most of the shooting the cast was naked. Jason has been noted to have been wearing tight tights during the film. ” yeah, we were all naked” Wilson said in an interview. When describing Derulo’s anaconda, Wilson stated that “I was around that for four months. I know exactly….”

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The trailer for Cats apparently has caused some mixed reviews from fans on twitter. potentially this press involving Derulo and his self proclaimed “anaconda” could cause more box office success when the film comes available for viewers on Friday, December 20th.

Check out Cats this Friday and its extraordinary trailer above in this post. For more on Jason and his package controversy, see the cohen video as well.

Andy Cohen interview with Jason Derulo

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