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India Enters Fifth Day of Violent Protests as Modi Doubles Down on Religious Citizenship Law

By Rachel Brooks

Contributor | Telegraph Local 

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Pictured above, a train in Kashmir in 2014

The citizenship bill is met with firey, furious protests_prompting the New York Times to question whether India is becoming a “Hindu state”. The New Yorker followed up with equal skepticism. Has Prime Minister Narendra Modi at last tipped India over the edge? One may think so as he passed a religious-based citizenship bill. Six people have been killed in Assam and many have been shot at in New Delhi, citing CNA (see the video below). 

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Streets are burning Roman style in India now. This is the culmination of social ills. The aggression has escalated since last May when Modi was reelected once more. It was exacerbated in August when the Modi cabinet revoked the autonomy of Kashmir. Kashmir is the only Muslim-majority state in India. Modi’s cabinet descended upon the state and rounded up young men for a mass incarceration. Within August as well, Modi’s government created a government citizenship registry for Assam, a northeastern state that likewise has a Muslim prevalence. This motion could render millions of India’s Muslims stateless. 

CNA broadcast of student protest events

This past week’s legislation has created a migrant pathway to citizenship registry which excludes Islam. This has sparked a nationwide backlash. Modi’s excuse for his legislation is the protection of local religions from historic discrimination. This pits people of the Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist, and Christian religions against each other. 

Whatever Modi’s purpose_it matters not. Modi has effectively lit the fuse for explosive religious warfare_warfare against the state and between the citizens. The masses have rallied in protest for the jeopardized sacred peace_and Modi has been shocked. He offers only platitudes as the Indian army must descend to the streets to face the umbrage of a people zealot for belief. 

Rather than defer to the people and mediate peace, the New York Times cites that an internet shutdown has taken place. The Modi cabinent’s platitudes failed and so now it is time for autocracy. Authoritarian silencing of the people’s voice has been enforced. The only profession of faith they know. The choir of irate voices_in the digital space at least_falls silence on the eve of the black sabbath of tyrants. 60 million people are left without the internet. That’s the population of France. It would be as if the whole of France went radio silent. 

Further citing the New York Times, this is the common practice of Indian’s government. Modi will provoke his people to ire and then silence their major soapbox outlet of communication. It surprises him when the people light the streets on fire? How far up in the clouds is Modi’s head? 

Kashmir has been offline since August. Out of reach to the rest of the connected world, one may wonder what sort of atrocities are being done there. Both by the religiously violated and the government leaders who exacted this human rights breach. Washington Post calls this the longest major internet shutdown in any given democracy ever recorder. Kashmiri journalists posed for a photo taken by Farooq Khan which is available via Shutterstock. They are holding laptops and a sign which reads “100 days no internet”. 

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Washington Post cites that the people of Kashmir are evading this problem anyway_which is likely how the photo became available on Shutterstock. They are riding the Internet Express. A train that leaves every morning out of Kashmir bound for Srinagar. The trains are packed to max capacity so that the Kashmiri people can go into Srinagar-70 miles away- and access the internet. These people require the internet for simple things like passport and driver’s license renewals, admission forms, and email. Their daily lives grated on by the pomp and circumstance of the Modi regime. 

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