Clemson Tight End Braden Galloway Reinstated by NCAA for College Football Playoff
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Clemson Tight End Braden Galloway Reinstated by NCAA for College Football Playoff

By O.T. Martin
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Tight end Braden Galloway of Clemson University has been reinstated by the NCAA after his 365 day ban for his use of the performance enhancing drug, ostarine. The sophomore is eligible just in time to play in Clemson’s first round game of the College Football Playoff. The Tigers, currently ranked at #3 in the nation, will have Galloway in the line up for the first time this year. He has been practicing with the team all year, and is reportedly ready for action. The 6-4, 240 lb. tight end will be a physically imposing addition to a pass heavy offense lead by sophomore superstar quarterback, Trevor Lawrence.

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The Fiesta Bowl matchup between the #3 Clemson Tigers and #2 Ohio State Buckeyes will take place on December 28th at 8 PM at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

In 2018, after Galloway failed the drug test, Head Coach Dabo Swinney defended the tight end along with other players who failed. Swinney claimed that the players did not intentionally use the PED. The test failure came as a shock to the players as well as Coach Swinney. The drug test also included the suspension of defensive juggernaut, Dexter Lawrence, who was selected 17th overall in the 2019 NFL draft by the New York Giants. The suspension was carried out over the past year, including during the national title victory in January 2019.

In Galloway’s first year with the Tigers, he recorded 52 yards on five receptions over 12 games. One of the receptions went for a touchdown. In high school, Galloway notched 50 receptions for 834 yards, even though a foot injury kept him off the field for six weeks. Galloway was ranked the #15 recruit in all of South Carolina by Rivals before his arrival at Death Valley.

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The Tigers are an impressive 27-0 since Galloway arrived on campus. The hour of Galloway’s return is timely, as Clemson attempts to win their third national title in four years. Only one other team has won three national championships in four years since the start of the BCS era, Alabama. Clemson has their work cut out for them against Buckeye team boasting the nation’s highest 48.7 points per game.

On the other side of the playoff bracket, #4 Oklahoma takes on #1 LSU in the Peach Bowl on December 28th at 4 PM.

This College Football Playoff is gearing up to be a historical one. Three of the teams present Heisman Trophy candidates, while two teams present National Champion quarterbacks. Another historic feat includes the absence of Alabama, who are not a part of the playoff for the first time in the history of the playoff.

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