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Apple Arcade’s New Yearly Subscription Package

Apple Arcade’s new yearly subscription package includes a new $49.99 yearly subscription option per This will coincide with Apple Arcade’s monthly $4.99 subscription. The new subscription package apparently offers a two-month free trial. This effectively delivers subscribers a 10-month package for the price of $49.99. This is a discounted price that Apple is no stranger to at this moment in time.

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This type of discounted price is apparently common for apple, as it’s music options and tv options offer similar kinds of packages. For customers already subscribed, switching over is easy according to All you have to do is go into your settings and find your Apple ID profile. From there find your subscriptions, It shouldn’t be hard to navigate to. At this point, find and select Apple Arcade and you can change your subscription from there. this is paramount to the success Apple is attempting to have to be more user-friendly. Its desire to market to its users continues to trend upward.

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Apple’s strides to be progressive in the market for its subscribers takes a new turn with this new subscription package. With a myriad of games available that go underrated because of a number of reasons, this new subscription may be the turn of the corner necessary to have these games get some recognition.

With over 100 games to play, and the ability to share with up to 6 people, who knows the possibilities that can come out of this new subscription. Some games that are offered include Grindstone, Card of darkness, Sayonara Wild Hearts, and What the Golf. Subscribe and play away!

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