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Police In Akron Ohio Are Investigating An Officer-Involved Shooting

By Benjamin Minick

Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local| See @TimberwolfP

Akron police are investigating an officer-involved shooting that left one man dead yesterday apparently, the shooting happened in the area of Britain Road and Evans Avenue around 8:45 a.m. Sunday. Residents in the area say that it was a shock to actually see this because it’s typically very quiet and there’s not really any violence in that area of the city.

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Lt. Michael Miller of the Akron police department said that the situation started when numerous calls were made about a vehicle up against the center median on I-76 E near East Market Street. Several of the callers reported seeing a white male in camouflage clothing of some sort. When officers approached the car on the highway they discovered that it was abandoned.

Officers began to canvas the area looking for the subject that was described in the phone calls. Approximately  15 minutes after they located the vehicle, two officers saw the subject near the Britton Road and Evans Avenue exit walking around. They attempted to make contact with an individual that met the description. When they did, the officers took fire from the subject.

The two officers at the scene were okay. This sort of thing often happens with rookie officers who are inexperienced but in this case, the two officers involved are 12 and 18-year veterans, respectively. This just goes to show that regardless of where you live and how quiet and maybe something like this can happen at any given time.

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The world today has been mired in law enforcement involved shootings as has been referenced in the media several times over the last three or four years particularly. Race usually seems to be a factor. In this case, the person that was killed by the police was a white male.

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