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FBI Busts Illegal Streaming Sites

By Daniel Lehewych

Contributer| Telegraph Local

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Pirated media has long been a fundamental characteristic of the internet. From early on in the 2000s with Napster and currently, with sites like BitTorrent, it seems as if the internet and illegal streaming of ordinarily purchasable media are inseparable entities.

Part of the inseparability between illegal streaming and the internet is also the cracking down on the former. Often, it is the case that a site gets cracked down on by the government, only to be replaced by another illegal streaming service.

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Recently, more crackdowns on illegal streaming sites have been occurring. In particular, the involvement of the FBI has been increasing in recent weeks in such crackdowns.

Darryl Julius Polo, 36, and Luis Angel Villarino, 40, pleaded guilty last week in separate trials for running illegal streaming sites. These sites were huge. Polo ran iStreamitAll and worked on Jetflicks –the latter of which Villarino also worked on.

These sites had more movies and TV shows than Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime combined; iStreamitAll alone had 118,479 TV episodes and 10,980 movies on it.

Polo has urged via email to all of the subscribers to iStreamitAll to cancel their subscriptions to legal services like Netflix in favor of his service. In doing so, Polo admittedly earned $1 million.

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Specifically, Polo used sophisticated computer programming to scour global pirate sites for new illegal content; to download, process, and store these works; and then make the shows and movies available on servers in Canada,” officials said.

Both iStreamitAll and Jetflicks have been shut down. Likewise, both Polo and Villarino have pleaded guilty to Copywrite charges associated with these illegal streaming sites. Sentencing for both individuals will take place in March.

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