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Uzi Drops New Song “Futsal Shuffle” Does This Mean EA Soon?

By Austin Payne

Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local | See Social Media

So…is Eternal Atake ever coming out or? Uzi has undoubtedly been one of the most potent artists in the industry since 2016, when one of his most infamous songs “Top” gained traction, and the all too well known “You Was Right” was released within his second album “Lil Uzi Vert Vs The World” soon after.

Having begun as just another so-called “mumble rapper” out of Philly, he grew lockstep in popularity with similar artist and former friend, Playboi Carti, as they produce very similar style music. He’s again turned a relationship into more publicity and even a meme, having made claims on Twitter that he and Carti are not on good terms. This has led fans to, obviously satirically, express their displeasure with the state of two of their favorite rap friends’ relationship, often through memes. This, of course just leads to more attention and relevancy for both of them, which undeniably can be used to help gain traction for Uzi’s new anticipated release.

Uzi followed these up with somewhat of a lesser known, and somewhat controversial album, “The Perfect Luv Tape” again in 2016, and then brought us “Luv Is Rage 2” in 2017 as his most complete and well-accepted work yet. His most popular album was predated by the release of “XO Tour Life” which has generated…1.1 billion plays on Spotify, and 360 million views on Youtube. (Song)

This insanely popular song fueled the tension in waiting for the album and he didn’t disappoint us with its content. But then…he basically disappeared.

He’s become relevant as a fashion icon on Instagram, having rarely used Twitter up until recently with the release of his new song “The Futsal Shuffle.” (See tweet) Where does he get the name? Who knows, but we do know he’s been teasing his next album Eternal Atake for a couple years now, and having begun to talk publicly about it on twitter coinciding with the release of this new track, fans have to expect it will be soon.

Uzi is one of the most well known and easily promoted artists in the world and was able to single handedly and organically promote this new song via the creation of a dance he posted himself, which has obviously sparked a trend and without a doubt has millions of renditions posted already. While the song itself was kind of…disappointing, that won’t hinder us from keeping an eye out for the full course we’ve been waiting for, EA.

Austin Payne
Austin Payne grew up in the north Georgia mountains before having to relocate to Valdosta in 2017. He has worked various public jobs whilst building a budding interest in marketing, philosophy, sciences, music, and a myriad of other things. An avid learner and information consumer, this all makes for a versatile writer who can cover a litany of topics. While attempting to build experience and start a couple businesses he attends college at Valdosta State University and Georgia Southwestern State university.

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