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Taylor Swift rips into music mogul Scooter Braun, again

Taylor Swift ripped into Scooter Braun, again. She also railed against what she called “toxic male privilege” in the record industry at Thursday’s Billboard’s Women in Music Event.

Swift was honoured as the first recipient of Billboard’s Woman of the Decade Award. She turns 30 next week. She used her 15-minute speech to talk about music, management, Scooter Braun, and what she’s seen in the decade she’s been in the industry.

“When this decade began, I was 20 years old, and I had put out my self-titled debut album when I was 16, and then the album that would become my breakthrough album, which was called ‘Fearless,'” Swift said. 

“And I saw that there was a world of music and experience beyond country music that I was really curious about … I saw pop stations send my songs, ‘Love Story’ and ‘You Belong With Me,’ to No. 1 for the first time. And I saw that as a female in this industry, some people will always have slight reservations about you.”

And then she noted how women are treated in the industry. 

“I saw that people love to explain away a woman’s success in the music industry, and I saw something in me change due to this realization,” Swift said.

“This was the decade when I became a mirror for my detractors. Whatever they decided I couldn’t do is exactly what I did.”

Swift went on to note that she’s had to fight for her success and money that she’s earned. She them spoke about her feud with music mogul Scooter Braun, who acquired the master recordings of her first six albums from her former label. 

“Lately, there’s been a new shift that has affected me personally and that I feel is a potentially harmful force in our industry, and as your resident loud person, I feel the need to bring it up,” Swift said. 

“And that is the unregulated world of private equity coming in and buying up our music as if it is real estate, as if it’s an app or a shoe line. This just happened to me without my approval, consultation or consent.”

Swift said she was not allowed to buy her own music. She also denied that Braun or his company tried to contact her before the sale.  This isn’t the first time that Swift has taken her feud with Braun out into the public. Braun spoke about the issue in November.

“I think that these problems that are being discussed can be discussed behind closed doors and figured out pretty easily. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for six months,” he said. 

“I just think it’s gotten out of hand … I think people need to come together and have a conversation because that’s not what this is about … It’s not what we got in this industry for.”

So far, Braun hasn’t commented about Swift’s latest remarks about him or their on-going feud. TMZ noted that reaction to Swift’s remarks seemed mixed. It noted that applause did not come immediately after she finished her speech. 

Swift also spoke about those in attendance and in the music industry who support Braun and say, “But he’s always been nice to me.” She said they need to think twice.

“Of course, he’s nice to you,” she said.

“If you’re in this room, you have something he needs.”

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