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Lebron James, Anthony Davis & Lakers Continue There Dominance Over the Miami Heat

Written By: Colby Wonacott

Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local

The Miami Heat have lost zero games at home, and the LA Lakers have only lost one game on the road, which was the very 1st game of the season against the LA Clippers. ESPN making this their primetime game and ex-Heat player Chris Bosh sitting courtside, this was a big matchup between 2 ‘red hot’ teams, and a what good game it turned out to be.

The Lakers outlasted the Heat, winning the game 113-110.

Heading into the half the Lakers had 51 points while the Heat had 59 points. Down by 8, Lebron was frustrated with himself with him coughing up 7 turnovers. Teammates Anthony Davis and Demarcus Cousins made Lebron know about their own frustration with his play also.

Lebron was quoted talking about his teammates holding him accountable

“My teammates got on me,” James said. “Told me to be myself and get my head out of my (expletive).”

This is a very good sign for Lakers fans since last season it appeared Lebron checked out mentally, which led the Lakers not making the play-offs. The one thing that alawys was a knock on Lebron, was who on the Lakers is going to stand up to Lebron? Last year Lebron was the oldest player on his team by far while being surrounded by 2 & 3-year players. No one expected those players to stand up to Lebron which hindered Lebron badly. His defense was beyond sloppy, and his effort level was not there.

This season with a player who possibly might be on the same level as Lebron and Demarcus Cousins who isn’t afraid to stand up to any previous, current or future boxing heavyweight champion will give that push, that everyone needs to not be complacent.

Anthony Davis after the game speaking on him confronting Lebron on his poor 1st half performance

“We all have respect for each other and have the confidence to go up to whoever and try to get him going,” Davis said. “The fact that he listens and everyone on the team listens and can accept criticism from our guys is what makes us so good.”

From that kick in the butt, Lebron excelled and lead his team to a win over a hot Heat at home.

Lebron finished with 28 points, 12 assist, and 9 rebounds, improving their overall record to 23-3 according to ESPN. Most of those assists were being thrown alley-oops to co-star Anthony Davis.

Lebron James #23
Anthony Davis #3

Lebron James and Anthony Davis showing why they are the NBA’s best tag team any showing why they were willing to trade all those trade picks to the New Orleans Pelicans.

Here is Lebron after the game speaking more about the half time change from USAToday.

“We were down (at halftime) because of me,” James said. “In the second half, I got back to playing my game. I was able to make the right reads after that… It’s a great defensive team we were playing against. Always has been especially with Spo (Miami coach Erik Spoelstra). You know they’re going to be exceptional on that side of the floor. I was making some wrong reads in the first half and in the second half I was able to learn from my mistakes and build from that.”

The Lakers have their off day today and Lebron says he plans on going to Ohio to watch his son play against his old high school where he played, St. Vincent-St. Mary before his next game against the 6-20 Atlanta Hawks.

The Miami Heat will have another tough matchup against phenom Luka Doncic, and the 17-7 Dallas Mavericks.

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