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Harden Scored 54 in the route of Orlando Magic

James Harden continued his spectacular tear in the NBA last night with a 54-point Outburst against the Orlando Magic. This amazing scoring bout comes off of a 55-point game against the Cleveland Cavaliers the game before. James Harden is on what seems to be an unheard-of scoring tear this season, which no one saw coming after his amazing scoring season last season. This comes in especially with Russell Westbrook being on his team, two ball-dominant guards in their Prime sharing one team, we would think  Harden’s scoring with decrease. on the contrary, it has increased since last season. 

Last season Harden averaged 36.1 points per game. This is a Scoring average we haven’t seen since the likes of Kobe in the Mid 2000s. This season he’s averaging 39.3 points per game,  over three points more than what he averaged before. This is unprecedented and is another display of James Harden’s greatness and desire for winning.

 An interesting stat, James Harden Trails only Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan for the most 50 point games against every NBA team with 15 50 point games. Also, since the ABA-NBA merger, nobody has scored more points in the first 25 games since Michael Jordan did it with 943 points back when he was in his prime. James Harden has eclipsed Michael Jordan’s scoring feet, scoring 982 points through his first 25 games this season. If he keeps up this pace, he’ll have a 3rd scoring title under his belt. The 7-time all-star is looking better this season than what he did last season, which is insane. 

 The best thing about this scoring tear at this moment in time is that Harden is looking like he’s getting back in stride. Which means he may get better over the course of the season. In the last two games, Harden took less than 15 free throws between both games. Harden usually averages around 12 free throws a game this season. Last game Harden scored 10 threes in his 55 point explosion against the Cleveland Cavaliers. And in the game against the Orlando Magic, Harden went for 19 for 31 shooting and hit 10 of his 15 threes in a 130-107 route according to This is harden’s 5th 50 point game of the season, and his 4th out of the last 7 games this season. The Rockets took a big lead in the second quarter, with Harden scoring the last 11 team points to end the first half giving the Rockets of 59 to 49 lead going into the second half. 

“ I just want to win,”  Hardin said after the victory “ whatever it takes” according to

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