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Eminem, Nick Cannon feud heats up, again

The music industry has had its feuds, and they go back a long way. Remember the movie “Amadeus?” (If you’re too young, check it out now. It’s a great flick. See what a rock or rap star was like back, back, back – I mean really back — in the day.)

Anyway, “Amadeus” was about the decades-long somewhat fictional rivalry between Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri. Whether or not the real-life Salieri tormented Mozart (and may even have tried to poison him) or the other way around, it’s hard to tell. But even in the 18th century, people loved a good celebrity spat.

More recently there have been some classic music industry feuds. Jagger versus Richards. Simon and Garfunkel. (It turned so ugly, fans wished for the sound of silence.) Even the Everly brothers got into it with each other. Does it get any uglier than brother against brother?

And let’s not forget about Tupac and Biggie, Nicki Minaj versus Cardi B, East Coast versus West Coast. Yup, when it comes to feuds, the music industry is the reigning champ.

That’s why the latest swipes between Eminem and former Nickelodeon star Nick Cannon are so epic. I mean this rivalry has been going on for years now. The feud is like a decade old and there’s no sign that it’s about to cool down. In fact, it may just be heating up.

Eminem took what can only be described as an unnecessary swipe at Cannon on Fat Joe and Dre’s new album, where he was featured on the track “Lord Above.” In it, he took a few shots at Cannon and former gal pal Mariah Carey.

Cannon isn’t taking it lying down. He has released two diss tracks of his own that take direct aim at Slim Shady. One of them accuses the Michigan rapper of – clutch your pearls and get the kids out of the room, kids – it accuses him of … oh, I can’t even say it … it accuses him of … of … of voting for Trump. 

Oh, no he did-en-t. 

Well, yeah, he did. I guess that’s the 2019 version of “Yo’ mamma.”

So, what’s this feud all about? Partially, it has to do with Eminem’s relationship with Mariah Carey. She denies there ever was a relationship. 

(Believe me, it’s never good when your girl asks, ‘who are you, again?’ Been there, bro.)

Poor heartbroken Eminem just wanted some answers. So, as rappers do, he rapped about it on the album “Bagpipes from Baghdad.” 

Here’s what he said:

“Mariah, what’s ever happened to us, why did we have to break up? … Nick Cannon better back the *f* up”

Cannon married Carey in 2008. Cannon obviously had to say something after the song was released. It should be noted, though, it’s not like Carey was some little woman in distress and needed saving. She fired back, too, with the song “Obsessed.” But still, you can’t let some dude diss you like that in front of your girl.

And the Cannon-Eminem feud has been going strong since.

The latest salvos in “Lord Above” have Eminem saying Cannon is “whipped” and “neutered.” Cannon responded a day after the song’s release with a photo of Fat Joe and Eminem with Eminem’s face blocked out. He also wrote, Fat Joe had dug up the Detroit rapper out of his “grave.”

Cannon wasn’t done with just that, though. And it’s turned ugly. Real ugly. Cannon released a track of his own where he says Eminem’s about to relapse and suggests Eminem is raising someone else’s baby.

This isn’t over. In fact, by the time this article is written, the two of them may well have put out new tracks attacking each other. And then, I’ll write about those. 

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