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Xbox Series X is more PC than console

By Rachel Brooks

Contributor | Telegraph Local 

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Pictured above, Xbox One X. Series X will be more powerful than this console.

The Xbox Series X surprise reveal has raised some intrigue among Xbox fans. Citing the Verge, Xbox has been devolving its platform to a more Universal, console-free model for some time now. Yet they are still interested in producing consoles. With the Series X, we can now see what that interest looks like. No one would buy an Xbox console if Xbox is going universal unless the Series X is itself mostly a PC. 

The Series X has a large, pinnacle-shaped frame. It almost looks like a living room obelisk. Xbox boss Phil Spencer spoke with Gamespot in an interview posted Thursday. Spencer stated that Series X will have eight times the GPU capacity of the Xbox One. It will have two times the GPU of an Xbox  One X. 

The Series X will also hit around 12 teraFLOPS. Teraflops are the general metric unit that is used to indicate graphics processing power.  

Aaron Greenberg from Gamers Outreach official Twitter

Series X has some manufactured hardware AMD that is an industry spearhead piece of its machinery. This gives it the power boost we’ll witness with games developed for it. The Series X will also use innovations such as ray tracing to produce more realistic lighting onscreen. This means lights and shadows bend and move in the graphics much the same as they do in natural light. 

For all this talk of GPU, the Series X will not focus solely on the better graphics display. The Series X is PC like in the fact that it focuses on amplified CPU to match. Also citing Gamespot, the CPU power for Series X is now four times the computing power of CPU when Series X was Project Scarlett. 

Spencer didn’t give a specific unit of reference to compare. Previous generations of Xbox have for Xbox One and eight-core 1.75GHz CPU and for One X an eight-core 2.3 GHz CPU. For reference, this is a bit lower than a general gaming PC, but it is roughly the same computing power of a desktop computer. If Xbox Series X is even a mere four times its previous generation then that’s about 9 GHz, which is a high CPU that is generally considered an overclock in older PC models. 

Yet, Spencer said that this was four times the strength of Project Scarlett’s CPU test. We don’t know what that test entailed. If he had to make a guess based on previous models and the numbers Spencer quote, then we’d say that Series X could have anywhere from 8-10 GHz. When Intel first announced these massive GHz processors back in circa 2011, they fell through because of the enormous amount of power they used. That kind of processing speed would require a huge economy of battery power to be feasible for gameplay. Yet now, with the AMD hardware, this clock speed appears more logical. Tech Spot even calls recent generations of AMD hardware the “performance king”.  

Series X is expected to be a next-gen leader based on all we know so far. It will be available around Holiday 2020 releasing near the Playstation 5’s target date.

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