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The Game Awards 2019

By Fabrice Pierre-Toussaint

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Folks usually stay tuned to The Game awards for the new games that are being released and other announcements relating to the gaming industry. Despite the countless trailers that have been released, the international stage for this industry has been more pronounced during recent years. The Game Awards 2019 had around 29 categories ranging from best esports coach to best indie game. The nominees for all of the awards are selected by a jury of 80 media and influencer outlets, Polygon among them. After all of the nominees are decided, the winners are chosen based on 90 percent of the votes from the nominating jury and 10 percent from a fan vote. 

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice won the evening’s top prize for overall Game of the Year. Won best Action/Adventure game The evening’s biggest winner was probably Disco Elysium. It won all of the four categories that it was elected for Narrative, Role-Playing Game, Independent Game, and Fresh Indie Game. The rankings for Game of the Year starts off with Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, followed by Control, Death Stranding, Resident Evil 2, Super Smash Bros. and the Outer Worlds. According to Polygon

The Game Awards is undergoing their fifth annual award ceremonies. This show is hosted by Canadian gaming journalist Geoff Keighley who worked on the original gaming awards, Spike Video Game Awards, which ran from 2003 to 2013. The host Geoff Keighley, has been a part of the first televised video game awards. Cybermania ‘94: The Ultimate Gamer Awards. The plan was now focused on next generation games. The games that are now being played on the eight generation consoles, the current gaming systems that have been released since 2012. The first award show in 2013 was considered disappointing to Keighley who described it as commercial work instead of really celebrating video game achievements. 

Instead Keighley opted for working with several figures within the industry, manufacturers such as Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft, to financially back the new award show. He was able to secure a place for the event and it was live streamed throughout the console systems. Eventually, he ended up securing multiple streaming services throughout the world. The 2019 show now is including a simulcast of the program to select Cinemark movie theaters in partnership with Sony. Keighley thought it is important that the Game Awards presentation is aimed to present the interest of gamers and of the industry, to be welcoming to celebrities and other famous figures that showed interest in video games. 

The Game Awards have an advisory committee that is made up of hardware manufacturing executives from Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and other publishers such as Rockstar Games, and Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment. They select around thirty influential video game news organizations that are able to nominate and vote on the video games in several categories. They stay out of the voting process however. Since 2013, the Game Awards has been held in Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California. 

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