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Lamar Jackson Broke Michael Vick’s Single-Season Rushing Record For A Quarterback In Win Over the NY Jets

Written By: Colby Wonacott

Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local

In 2006, Vick was the player to watch on Sundays as he went on to rush for a record-setting 1,039 yards for the Atlanta Falcons.

This past ‘Thursday Night Football’ game, Lamar “Superstar” Jackson needed only 23 yards to pass his childhood hero, Michael Vick. Vick knew the potential of Jackson back in week 2 when he described Lamar Jackson as a “dangerous man behind center” in an interview with TMZ Also responding with this when asked about the comparisons between him and Lamar. “I think they’re good comparisons, man. If anybody looking like me, it’s Lamar.”

On the opening drive, the MVP front runner Lamar Jackson needing only 1 more yard who was currently at 22 yards during the game against the Jets. Jackson faked a hand-off to Mark Ingram, sprinting around the right corner before getting hit hard landing the dual-threat QB on his back.

Following that play, the telecast was cut away to a pre-taped video of Micael Vick saying this:

“Lamar, I just want to say congratulations on making history,” Vick said. “One of the many milestones that you will surpass in your career. Best of luck in everything that you do. You deserve it. Keep up the hard work, and I’ll always be rooting for you.”

Even the first-ballot Hall of Famer Tom Brady, got in the fun praising Jackson’s heroic running ability with this funny tweet.

With all this technology nowadays, always seems that there is a record being broken every game now a day, but this record is one of the more difficult ones that I thought Vick would hold for a very long time.

Since 2006, the closest QB to come close to Vick was Russell Wilson in 2014, rushing for 849 yards according to ESPN. Lamar is on pace to rush for more than 1,200 yards! Absolutely blowing away Vicks record, do people understand what we are witnessing?


Throughout every game, Lamar Jackson either using his legs or his arm, has gone beyond everyone’s expectations. At 22 years old, Lamar looks like the clear winner of the NFL MVP, furthering his lead over Russell Wilson and Christian Mccaffrey.

From every ball, Jackson drops beautifully in his receiver hands or every jaw-dropping spin move as he did in the Bengals game, Lamar Jackson continues to make those experts look stupider and stupider who wanted him to convert to wide-receiver or a defensive back.

In college, Jackson’s coach wanted him to change from QB to WR. Lamar had the confidence to tell him no..he won the Heisman.

Entering the draft, the same narrative, still, Jackson stayed strong on his will to play QB in the NFL. Now Jackson is a couple of weeks from winning MVP as a QB in the NFL. The perseverance of this young man along with his strong belief allows him to have the foundation to thrive no matter the circumstance.

Recap of the game

In this history-making night against the Jets, passed for 212 yards and rushed for 86 yards, along with 5 TD through the air. Blowing out the Jets 42-21. Mark Ingram ran for 76 yards and 1 TD, playing extremely physical the whole game.

Sam Darnold threw for 218-yards & 2 TD, both thrown to James Crowder who had a total of 90 yards receiving.

Ravens’ defense has improved greatly, especially with the run. Keeping all-pro running back Le’von Bell to 87 yards on 21 carries.

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