Joe Burrow, SELU, LSU, September 2018
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Joe Burrow wins the Heisman award

By Rachel Brooks

Contributor | Telegraph Local 

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Joe Burrow will be the first person nominated to win the LSU Heisman Trophy since Billy Cannon, citing the Advocate. The comparisons between the two-star football players and their personalities are already being made. Even though, Cannon died just days after Burrow’s transfer from Ohio State to LSU. The transfer was announced on May 18, 2018, and Cannon died two days later. 

 The two never met in life. Yet their spirits eclipsed when their families met over the past week. Dot Cannon, and her daughter Bunnie, the wife and daughter of the late great Billy Cannon, had a 15-minute meeting with the young sports star. 

Cannon anticipated the next Heisman winner for his entire life. Bunnie Cannon recalled to the Advocate that her father would say annually, “we’re going to get one this year.” 

He never lived to see the one they got, but the Cannon family feels like he would be pleased. 

Bunnie Cannon, quoted by the Advocate, said, “I think he always wanted to share that with somebody. Every time somebody said, ‘you’re the sole Heisman winner from LSU,” he would say, ‘Yet’. So now yet has a name”. 

Ms.Cannon is now the executive director of LSU’s Tiger Athletic Founder. She is the general authority on the history of the Heisman award and LSU football.

Emily Villere Dixon is a coordinator for LSU Football Offensive Operations

Yet has a name indeed. His name is Joe Burrow.  This isn’t the first award this rockstar young athlete has seized. Citing ESPN, he’s also taken the Maxwell and Davey O’Brien awards. The Maxwell award is for the best overall player in college football. The Davey O’Brien goes to the best quarterback in college football. Burrow seized the title away from two other Heisman contenders as well. 

Burrow has also been named the Walter Camp Player of the Year. The Associated Press likewise dubbed him their player of the year in back-to-back ceremonial honors. One might say that Mr. Burrow has been mummy rolled in ribbons. 

The Ringer has boiled down Burrow’s star career to nine plays. Nine plays that define his award-worthy moments. Before these nine plays, Burrow was referred to as a “quarterback afterthought.” The Ringer refers to Burrow’s career arc as a “miracle”. They also feel that his career is a bit beyond belief. Burrow has played the “greatest passing season in college football history.” 77.9 of his attempts were successfully completed. This success-rate percentage narrowly topped that of Texas’ Colt McCoy back in 2008, which came in at 76.7 percent. 

What the Ringer felt to be the most striking about this high success rate, just under 80 percent, was the fact that Burrow is not a risk-averse player. He throws deep to the receivers in “tight coverage”. Every one of his risks come with payoff. Rodger Sherman, the journalist behind the Ringer piece, calls Burrow “college football’s needle-threader extraordinaire”. He also created an analogy that compares Mr. Burrow to a gambler. If he were a gambler, then Sherman said that he would shut down casinos. 

Well, he’d certainly put the lights out. Get ready to see more of this guy’s face across big screens. Joe Burrow has made his name in lights. He’ll be topping sports headlines for many seasons yet, and most would lay money on it. 

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