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Janoris Jenkins happy to be cut by New York Giants

By Daniel Lehewych

Contributer| Telegraph Local

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Twitter has a reputation for getting people into trouble. That is, people often say the wrong things on twitter.

Now former New York Giants football player Janoris Jenkins is no exception to this rule.

Yes, you heard it right. Janoris Jenkins, the pro bowl cornerback, was cut by the New York Giants on Friday due to a tweet that he sent out on Wednesday.

The tweet was a response to a criticism Jenkins received from a fan. In this response, he called the fan a “retard”.

“Obviously, what happened this week, and the refusal to acknowledge the inappropriate and offensive language, was the determining factor,” Giants coach Pat Shurmur said in a statement. 

This has hardly fazed Jenkins though. In fact, he has doubled down on his choice of words, saying he was simply using “slang”.

Finally, in response to getting booted from the Giants, he tweeted “Best news ever.. Thank you”.

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