Blake Shelton drops new album, including duet with girlfriend Gwen Stefani

Friday, the 13th may be bad luck for some people. But not for Blake Shelton. He’s just dropped his new album, Fully Loaded: God’s Country.

Shelton fans get a bonus with this one. He’s teamed up with girlfriend Gwen Stefani for what Billboard calls the stirring collab “Nobody But You.” The singing couple are the talk of show biz and everyone seems to want to discuss their romance first and their music second. Or is it the other way around?

The romantic duo really do make beautiful music together, raves the Today Show

“The hitmakers certainly don’t hide their feelings about each other on the track,” writes Drew Weisholtz on the NBC morning show’s website.

He then lays down some of the lyrics for their track.

“Don’t have to leave this town to see the world / ‘Cause there’s something that I gotta do / I don’t wanna look back in 30 years and wonder who you’re married to …”

Okay, you get the picture. They’re in love and they want everyone to know. What better way to do it than through an album – just ask John and Yoko, Paul and Linda, Sonny and Cher. Okay, maybe not the last couple, and maybe we can forget about asking Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham.

But the fact is, no matter if, how, or when the romance for these musical lovers ended (and we here at Telegraph Local wish nothing but a lifetime of love for Blake and Gwen), the music has lasted.

This isn’t their first collaboration. The musical power couple — and “Voice” stars — have worked together before. But what’s nice about this duet is that they’re not singing like teenagers in love. They’ve been around the block a few times and they’ve taken their figurative bumps and bruises professionally and personally.

When it comes to their new duet, Shelton says they discovered the song together. He says Stefani introduced him to it and together they transformed it into what they put on the album.

 “We listened to the song probably 10 or 12 times in a row, just freaking out about it,” Shelton said

“And it wasn’t meant to be a duet, but obviously, as we heard it, knew that it was meant to be a duet for us anyway.” 

Though they’re huge music stars in their own right, their art is evolving just like their relationship, Shelton said. In fact, Stefani never got into country until Shelton came along. He says it’s the first time she was really exposed to it.

“I’ll tell you what, since we’ve been together, this girl has literally fallen in love with country music. It’s all that she listens to, it’s all that’s on in her car. And it’s not to do with me or anything,” he said.

 “She just wasn’t exposed to a lot of country music growing up, but now, it’s all she listens to.”

“Fully Loaded” is a compilation of some of Shelton’s greatest hits. But he’s also loaded it with four new tracks, three on top of the song with Stefani. Shelton will hit the road for the “Friends and Heroes 2020” tour next month.

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