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All she wanted for Christmas was a stripper

A Christmas gift for an elderly resident at a British care home didn’t come with much wrapping. And what wrapping there was came off quickly.

Staff at her retirement home granted the woman’s wish for a visit from a stripper. She said she wanted someone with a “large chest and big biceps,” according to Britain’s public broadcaster, the BBC. Oh, and he had to be attractive.

And that’s what she got – a muscled-up guy dressed as  a firefighter.

The woman – identified only as “Joan” — lives at the Glastonbury Court care home in Bury St. Edmunds, an historic market town in Suffolk, England. The town was built by Abbot Baldwin around the year 1080. It’s not only old but it’s quite religious, at least when it comes to its history.

So, what would Abbot Baldwin make of a Christmas request for a stripper? Well, that will remain a religious mystery. But what we do know is that staff, the elderly resident at Glastonbury Court, and her merry friends, were in heaven at the sight of their stripper/Christmas gift.

89-year-old “Joan” received almost the “full Monty,” according to the BBC. (In case you missed the movie or aren’t used to British slang, that’s down to the underwear.)

You can watch the performance here, all captured on video. It’s a bit risqué for people of any age. But the women at the retirement home weren’t letting expectations of polite society hold them back from having a little fun. The way they were acting you would think they were still in their twenties or thirties.

“I thought that he was amazing — I wish he could visit us every day,” Joan said.

“He made me feel like I was young again, I loved every second.”

Joan wasn’t the only one who fell in love with their new stripper friend. Her friend “Pauline” also had the time of her life. And so did the other residents. Photos show the women touching the stripper’s washboard abs and toned arms.

Staff at the home say they wanted to give residents something different than what you would expect at a retirement home. They say life in a retirement community doesn’t have to be bland.

“Most people expect life in a care home to be a certain way, with residents watching television and doing a bit of knitting,” said Sharlene Van Tonder, the home manager.

“Here at Glastonbury Court, our ethos is about helping people to enjoy more independent and fulfilling lives in the way they want to, and we’re keen to ensure that there are no limitations so that every day can be different and fun … It’s fair to say this isn’t the typical kind of visitor we have at the home — but based on the response, he was one of the most popular.”

The retirement home has about 60 people living in it. A 2017 report praised it for having an positive, open, and inclusive culture. It also noted that residents felt the staff created a warm and welcoming culture. The stripper who recently visited certainly thought so.

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