13-year-old boy faces murder charges in death of Barnard College student
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13-year-old Boy Faces Murder Charges in Death of Barnard College Student

By Melissa Darling

Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local | See LinkedIn

Tragedy has struck New York as reports of Tessa Majors death floods the news. Majors was a freshman student at Barnard College, an 18 year old female from Charlottesville, Virginia. This horrific event took place on Wednesday, December 11th around 5:30pm local time in Morningside Park. She was stabbed several times by the steps inside the park close to West 116th street. She was first approached by a group in the park when she began to struggle with them, robbery being the pursuit. One of the members pulled out a knife and began to stab Majors several times. Majors staggered up the flight of stairs out of the park after the attack and onto the street. She was found by a campus security guard who immediately called for help upon finding her. Majors was rushed to the nearby Mount Sinai St. Luke’s hospital, where she succumbed to her injuries and was pronounced dead.

In a statement on Thursday, Columbia University said “The public safety officer assigned to 116th Street and Morningside Drive was at his post last night when the victim emerged from the park, and he came to her aid immediately upon recognizing that she was injured. … Officers stationed at this location do not make rounds that cause them to leave their post.” Morningside has been known in the past to be a rough neighborhood, locals even referring to it as “Muggingside Park.” In recent years the park has cleaned up its act, and college students and locals alike has come to the park to enjoy it. Much like Majors, she was just another college student in the park until old patterns showed themselves. It was established this morning, Friday December 13th, that a 13-year-old boy was arrested and charged in connection with Majors murder.

This boy, whose name has not been released, was apart of a group that was attempting to rob Majors. This 13-year-old is not believed to be the one who stabbed her but admitted, once in custody, that he was apart of the group that attacked and killed Majors. He was with two other boys, the suspects are thought to be around 14-years-old. The 13-year-old lives in Harlem and is 5 feet 5 inches tall. He is being charged with second-degree felony murder, robbery and criminal possession of a weapon. The police found this 13-year-old while canvassing the area where Majors was killed, he was wearing clothes similar to what matched the description of the suspect. Because of his age, his identity will be protected and he is being tried in family-court. The suspect who is responsible for the stabbing is still being sought after.

The family of Majors is in shock and devastation of course, but put out a statement: “We are devastated by the senseless loss of our beautiful and talented Tess. We are thankful for the incredible outpouring of love and support we have received from across the country. We would also like to express our appreciation for the efforts of the men and women of the NYPD, who continue to work diligently on this case.” It is hard to fathom this type of cold-blooded murder in any situation, but to such a young woman and by such young people, it’s indescribable. New York is fearing that instead of taking steps forward, they are taking giant steps back towards how Morningside used to be. Majors will be severely missed. Everyone stay safe and aware this holiday and always.

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