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Jersey City Shooting

By Rachel Brooks

Contributor | Telegraph Local 

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Pictured above, this is Bay View cemetery where the shooting started

Shots echoed through Jersey City on December 10, 2019. ABC 7 Eyewitness News states that a multi-agency investigation is underway after one police officer was killed, two people were wounded, and five people were found dead inside a kosher market. This followed a “wild shooting standoff” in Jersey City yesterday afternoon. 

The investigation bleeds over into today. Crime scene investigators took until this morning to piece together exactly what went down in that Jersey City kosher market. Cameras gave a few glimpses into the hours of Hell that were the last hours for those souls inside. 

Among the dead are, a police officer, two suspects, and three innocent bystanders. 

Jersey City responded to this incident by closing down all of its schools as the active shooting unrolled. All of the city’s children woke up safe, _from the gunman at least_as if that fallen officer had saved the world. 

NJ Chiefs of Police, Twitter

His name was Detective Joseph Seals and he was responding, along with his colleague, to a bad drug or gone deal in Bay View Cemetery on Garfield Avenue. 

In the course of events, officers Ray Sanchez and Mariela Fernandez were also injured, citing CBS Local, New York. The police team had originally intercepted the suspects in a stolen van in Bay View Cemetery. Officer Seals was part of the unit that took illegal guns off the streets. He was there to intercept the weapons he died by. He was shot in Bay View Cemetery__an ironic place for a life to be gunned down, this cemetery__and was rushed to the hospital. It was too late to save him. Yet, the ugly scene rolled on as Officer Seals was leaving the world behind. 

Jersey City Police Chief Michael Kelly described this scene as hours of exchanged gunfire. 

“Units responded and were immediately engaged by high-powered rifle fire,” stated Kelly of the incident that slips into the annals of American history now. A shadow hanging over our history_our history of violence. 

Let the history books remember Office Seals before it remembers the slaughter of these events. His blood has barely dried on the streets of Jersey City. In a sense, it will never dry. It will speak_stone cold Abel_from those streets. It will force us to remember the gang violence and black market deals he fought to end. Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop described him as “the best police officer” who was a 15-year veteran of the force. 

Not only a fighter for peace. This man was a husband. A father to 5 children. Children, who must lose their guardian now on the eve of Christmas. They will wake that morning looking for their Daddy to come home for the holidays. He will not return. This is what it is. To lose your life, for the love of your country, your city. This is his sacrifice, and it is theirs. There was never any knowing whether one day would be the last day on the job for Officer Seals. Then one day was the last day_and oh God!_but if it didn’t come too soon. 

Steven Fulop Twitter

As for the rest of the dead, who have yet to be matched with their names and faces, may history identify and remember them too. Their blood cries out from the floors of that kosher market in Jersey City. Citing Mayor Fulop, the ongoing investigation still holds out the belief that this place was targeted with intent. 

This is a developing story. One that must be written in blood. Please take the facts for what they are_temporary suppositions of a complex investigation. There may be details that have been released that are not accurate and there may be details that have not yet come to the public eye. The Attorney General Gurbir Grewal and the Prosecutor Suarez HCPO are to lead the investigation, citing Stephen Milewski, social media producer for Fox News. 

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