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India vs. West Indies

By Rachel Brooks

Contributor | Telegraph Local 

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India is making a powerful comeback in this year’s season. Pictured above, the Indian team as seen in Australia in the 2012 Commonwealth Bank match. That year Australia won by 5 runs.

India beat West Indies at the Wankhede Stadium by 67 runs, citing The Indian Express. The West Indies needed to get off at a good run chasing a “massive total” of somewhere in the 241 range. They lost out by as much as three wickets in the first four overs. The Indian Express stated that this “pegged them back” which gave India the upper hand. 

Even so, West Indies’ star cricket player Kieron Pollard waged his battle with a powerful 67. It was his long and lone contest and in the end, it just proved too much. 

Africa’s ESPN did a ball-for-ball recap of the whole match to bring light to the highlights and understanding the real lows of this match.

Africa’s ESPN gives the entire disclosure of this match from ball-to-ball showing every rise and fall and every stumble. It will give you step by step recap of marginal hits and misses that altered the West Indie’s aim. Pollard felt his team fumbled around him, missing by an inch thus missing by a mile on some strikes. 

Match highlights posted by Cricket 1H YouTube called this match a “sixathon” between  Rahul, Sharma, Kohli, Chahar, and Pollard. India’s team had been invited to play the Wankhede Stadium before, but played with “conservatism”. Cricket fans wondered if they would come at this game with the same withholding, but all thoughts of this were dismissed in today’s match. India swooped down hard on the West Indie’s team, driving on as if they would rather be dismissed from the match altogether than to be accused of not trying.  

These runs pummeled the West Indies team. The team quote, “crumbled spectacularly” under the injury that Evin Lewis sustained. 

What about Evin Lewis? What is his status as of today? He sustained a knee injury which has ruled him out of this past Mumbai game, citing the Week. He sustained his injury during the third T20 match. It was serious enough that Mr. Lewis had to be stretchered off the playing field. 

Further description from the Week details how in the 12th over Lewis was fielding at the boundary. He there jarred his knee while running to his left. In his final stride towards the ball, his foot got stuck in the ground. 

The BCCI media department then reported that Lewis was taken to the hospital. Scans of his knee revealed an injury to the “soft tissues of his knee” which brought down his running capacity entirely. 

This news comes hard to fans of the West Indies cricket team. Citing Cricket Next, Lewis is an “explosive” player for the team. They rushed to fill his place in the plays with Keemo Paul and Brandon King alternating roles that Lewis would have occupied otherwise. Cricket Next goes on to attribute the Windies’ loss as being driven by his “missed presence”. In the vacuum of Lewis’ absence, the team’s performance went down marginally. This is one way how they lost the match, Pollard’s performance or no.

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